I started writing as a way of letting my children know where I came from and what shaped me.  I grew up in a small coastal Massachusetts town, where the Pilgrims just happened to have landed some 340 years earlier.  My family and I lived in a 100 year old house that was three stories high, square and unyielding even to hurricane force winds, and its many windows reflected the sky and ocean.  At night, you fell asleep to the sound of waves or the lonely fog horn on Gurnet lighthouse.  My seasons were spent on or in the water, so sailing and swimming are themes in some of what I write, with New England overtones.  For the last thirty years, I have lived in North Carolina, a place I’ve come to love, and that New England accent has acquired a Southern lilt.

I had a long and active career in academia, and if you want to know more about that, you can Google me. For now, I am just a writer trying to find her voice.

Popular Posts

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I am drawn to stories with angels, and this novella by D. L. Finn has to be one of my favorites. It’s a bitterly cold Christmas Eve with the ‘storm of the century’ bearing down on the city. Kenzie’s...


I’m soon going to post the review of a novelette by D.L. Finn, which has angels in it! I love angels. Here is a very short story I wrote about my angel not long ago...

Book Review: Pride and Pestilence by Carol Hedges @carolJhedges #rbrt #Victorian mystery

This is the second book by Carol Hedges that I have reviewed for Rosie’s website, but I loved the first book so much, I read every single one of them in this series. I always look forward to a new...
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