A Review of Death by Pumpkin from D. Wallace Peach

I was tickled ‘peach’ with Diana’s review of Death by Pumpkin:

Death by Pumpkin was my second read in Granger’s Rhe Brewster series and a pure joy ride. Rhe is a single mom, ER nurse, and police department consultant in the small Maine town of Pequod. She, once again, takes an active role in a police department investigation when the pumpkin-drop at a local festival reveals a murder. She rapidly goes from investigator to target as an old nemesis is determined to make her and those she cares for suffer.

The book is fast-paced and well-researched. The scene in the small plane was particularly riveting and highlighted Granger’s attention to detail. Other than the villain, the characters are all beautifully three-dimensional and full of quirky personality. I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay in the authentic relationships. In addition to the murder investigation, romantic and political subplots add interest and tension. A perfect read for anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries with plenty of thrills.

Thank you, Diana!

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  1. Sorry, I’m so late to get over here! Thanks for sharing, Noelle, and I’m delighted that you’re tickled “peach.” Ha ha. A really fun book with great characters, and wonderful writing. 🙂

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