Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a Mom or who has one (pass it on)!  I had a special Mother’s Day moment today and thought I might share it.

I’ve had a brown paper-wrapped package for many years; it traveled with us all over the country as we moved, passing from closet to closet in apartments and houses. Inside is my wedding gown, packed by my mother years ago.  I had never opened it, but recently my daughter Cameron told me when the day came, she would be honored to wear my gown, and I needed to know if the gown was even wearable. After all that time, and in all those places and climates, it might have been reduced to a pile of scraps.

I was very nervous as I slit though the brown paper wrapping and then the thick tape that sealed the package completely. When I opened the box, I saw yellowed tissue paper, then my veil, which had been attached to fake pearl crown that had encircled a thick braid on the top of my head.  Finally the moment of truth: the gown. Except for some mild yellowing of the lace around the neck and on the cap sleeves, it looked amazing.  And reminded me how thin I was when I married!

I thought of my mother’s hands, so many years ago, folding the gown and smoothing the creases, packing tissue paper under the lace.  And I had the best Mother’s Day present of all: a gift from her.



2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. A wonderful gift indeed. Thanks for sharing such lovely memory. Mine included breakfast in bed, which my 8-year-old son insisted on putting together. 🙂
    Happy belated Mother’s day.

    1. That sounds fantastic! My son stopped by with another Staff Sgt from the 82nd Ariborne – not sure he would consider giving me breakfast in bed at his age!

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