I recently attended the funeral of the mother of a good friend of mine. It was joyous for a good and long life lived and sad for the loss of her spirit.

Today is also D-Day (which many Americans probably don’t even realize), with the tremendous loss of life on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France. A day that turned the tide in the Second World War.  The pictures of the rows and rows of white crosses marking the burials of American soldiers moved me, as it always does, to tears.

When I am sad, I often write. It pulls some of the sadness out of me and puts it on the table where I can deal with  it.  I wrote a poem today as a result.  If it’s not a good poem, it’s because I’m not a poet, but it says what I’m thinking.  It’s called Mortality.

Mortality follows us on soft kitten paws

Unnoticed when we are young

First heard when we have children and think of their futures

But behind and around the corner

The children leave the nest and the soft padding comes closer

We plan for when it arrives

There comes a day when we can’t stay ahead of it

We look down and there it is, sitting on its soft kitten paws

Reminding us that we are just part of a continuing cycle

Our time is drawing to an end

It’s following our children on soft kitten paws




3 thoughts on “Mortality”

  1. So moving, Noelle. Great poem. It sure follows us, doesn’t it. A good reminder when life gets ahead of us a bit, with all the drama life sometimes brings. We’re here temporarily, so it’s good to try and make the best of life.
    Yes, D-Day. I listened to a very interesting piece on NPR, and it’s good to remember. Very important day in history.

  2. Thanks, Sylvia. It was just a sad day.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. My daughter lives in LA and when you write about LA, I feel like I’m there!

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