How was your morning?

It’s been some morning. Downloading chapters of my new book to send to my eagle eyed line editor (she likes hard copy). Phone call: a social service agent from Harnett County – two deceased individuals and she needs to know what to do because they are unclaimed (my job as Chair of the NC Commission of Anatomy). Wrapping a bridal shower present for my niece. Phone call: some close friends – the wife gave birth to their second daughter this morning. Death and life. Writing out two recipes for my niece on impossibly small recipe cards with bad handwriting. Phone call: a company wanting me to use their publishing services for the second book, extra services but $$$. Blogging. Tuna fish salad for lunch, on a diet. Fourteen pounds so far but so hard…

Life and death and writing and family events and tuna fish salad. What will the afternoon bring?



14 thoughts on “How was your morning?”

  1. Sounds like an exciting and varied morning to me!
    By the way, I had tuna salad for lunch, too! I need to get into a swimming suit and not shock my mirror!

      1. No, but I do laps in our pool every day – maybe I should add up the distance covered by all my laps and figure out how far out in the Atlantic I might get each summer. Great suggestion, thanks!

  2. My morning: Woken up by an enthusiastic cockatiel singing “If You’re Happy and You Know it” at 6am. Didn’t get up fast enough, so had the same life coach of a bird fly down and nibble my toes. Three kindergarten students decide that I’m a chair for five minutes. Nine year-old answers “Name one thing you can and one thing you can’t do” with “I can breathe” and “I can’t murder”. Inform a 10 year old student that if writing notes in class is such a pain in the butt she’s welcome to stand on her head for 80 minutes and compare the two activities. Have eight year old student attend her private lesson in the mucus-ridden grip of a murder-cold.

    Lunch: instant ramen noodles doused in cheese to forget they are instant ramen noodles. Diet was forgotten three days ago.

      1. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. It gets harder and harder. I didn’t have to worry until lately where the changes in body shape are so pronounced I no longer recognise myself. The one I’m thinking of is definitely going to work…….I hope.

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    1. Ah, but you have young children, and I’d give anything to spend a morning with my kids again when they were young. Treasure the moments, they will pass too quickly.

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