Another Milestone

Sitting here, lounging in a recliner, drifting in and out of a nap and wondering where the time went. More than a year of planning, three intense months of organizing, DIY projects, dress alterations and fitting, choices of string quartet, DJ, photographer, videographer, food, floral arrangements, transportation…hopefully you’ve figured by now it was a wedding.

The activities began in earnest on Thursday with mother daughter pedicures and manicures and the endless choices for nail colors. Dark red? Tropical pink (the honeymoon is in Fiji, paid for with frequent flyer miles)? Nude with sparkles? A shade of blue?

Friday was the triple threat: bridal luncheon for the mothers and bridesmaids and female relatives, a rehearsal in the hot sun, and a rehearsal dinner into which wandered guests from a much bigger function downstairs in the hotel. A Tar Heel blue indoor tailgate party, with hints of North Carolina State red, Virginia Tech purple, and a gift of Razorback tee shirts.

The wedding day and a flurry of hair and makeup appointments, transportation to the wedding site, dressing the bride, putting the collar and bow tie on Kingsley the British bulldog, a world class temper tantrum from the flower girl over her dress and the constant worry of a thunderstorm. And then…a perfect ceremony in sunshine with perfect children, a dog that drew chuckles, a string quartet, an eloquent preacher and a heavenly a cappela group. Time for pictures before the downpour, an enchanted and twinkling barn for dinner and dancing, great food, and a mini-rave of dancing. Home tired but happy.

Yesterday, friends and family wandering in and out of the house all day for omelets and bagels, quiche and pumpkin bread, sausage biscuits and apple cake. The new couple return to open presents and pack for their honeymoon. Another late night.


Today, lunch with the new in-laws and the newlyweds before dropping them at the airport. Now, home, sitting in the recliner, drifting in and out of dozing, wondering where the time went.



15 thoughts on “Another Milestone”

    1. Hi Kate- I certainly will when we get the pictures back from the photographer. He wore a formal white tux collar with wings and a blue bow tie down the aisle. He sat at the end of the first row and snorted and snuffled throughout the ceremony. Cameron was determined that Kingsley be in the ceremony, so how could I object? Besides, he got the ring bearer and flower girl to follow him!

  1. I’m exhausted just reading this! I may encourage the courthouse route when my kids get married! It definitely sounds like you fully deserve some dozing time.

  2. So glad all went well, Noelle. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Now, how about a picture of that bulldog as your avatar?

  3. She looked absolutely beautiful Noelle, the dress lovely and the grass so lush and green. It sounds as though all your planning went well and the entire weekend was a great family time. I want to see a picture of you (and the dog). Congratulations to the happy couple and hope the honeymoon in Fiji is wonderful. (that is quite close to Aus)

  4. Hi Noelle. It sounds like you had a very exciting time (and probably tiring too)! Having a child get married is one of those wonderful milestones, you must feel a huge sense of accomplishment. It is indeed amazing that what took a year of planning is over in just hours! Now you have a change to relax and get life back to normal pre-wedding! Blessings to the new couple! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the blessings! I think any couple getting married in this day and age need all they can get. This week is definitely let down week – last week we were still flying high. Back to normal!

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