Book review: Dream On by Terry Tyler

4.5 stars

Dream OnI will admit at the outset I have enjoyed two other Terry Tyler books: The Last Child, Kings and Queens, Round and Round. So I was looking forward to reading Dream On. I found Dream On a little less compelling than these other books – it is a sobering look at the effect of one young man’s pursuit and dream of being in a commercially successful rock band on the people in his world. As Ms. Tyler describes the ups and downs of David Bentley’s life, she hints he will probably never be more than a minor musician in the rock world and as a result, his life will be unfulfilled. Or will it?

Nevertheless, the characters, who are developed with richness and depth, stayed with me after I long after I finished the book – the hallmark of a great read.

Dave Bentley works at part time jobs, fully believing he is destined to be a rock star. Married to Janice, a kind, warm girlfriend who truly loves him and who is the mother of his small son, he has been dropped from his latest band gig. His ensuing depression and drinking has led Janice to throw him out of their home, and he is squatting with a friend when he discovers a belief that he’s a reincarnated Viking warrior. Propelled by his enthusiasm for a new group he names Thor, Dave gathers bandmates and they start playing gigs, hopefully leading to the big break. Just as the band is picking up steam, singer songwriter Ariel Swan, Dave’s true love, who had left him to have a career in London, returns. Dave can’t help himself and he resumes his relationship with Ariel, lying to Janice. When Ariel and her friend Melodie, low on talent but high in looks, decided to enter a TV talent completion, Dave and his bandmates in Thor decide to enter as well. A fateful decision, which leads to big changes in the lives of all the competitors and not necessarily for the better.

Ms. Tyler captures the flavor, language and tempo of the time period, theTerry Tyler retro bands, as well as the craziness of the rock world, and the highs and lows of the life of musicians.

As usual with a Terry Tyler book, this is a good, smooth read that will keep you turning the pages!


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9 thoughts on “Book review: Dream On by Terry Tyler”

  1. Thanks so much, Noelle, I can’t imagine anything that would be much farther away from your own lifestyle or tastes, so I’m really touched that you wanted to read it in the first place ~ I’m so pleased that you still liked it!

    1. Terry, you are a great writer so anything you write would appeal to me! You write such great characters, and I could feel each and every one of them in this book!

  2. Interesting. How did the music elements of the book play out? I’m always curious how authors portray music and musicians in a work that isn’t auditory. 🙂

    1. Terry did marvelously well with the mentioning of the music of the time plus the interaction of band mates and understanding the mind of singer/songwriter.

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