A Letter from Rara

A few weeks ago, I posted about the death of Grayson Queen. His wife, Rara, has a blog, Rarasaur, which given her current situation, she is unable to use.

I sent her a letter quoting all of the condolences that people posted to this blog, and here is what she wrote me back:

“Thank you for your condolences and kind letter. I especially appreciate the bouquet of warm wishes you collected from the blogosphere. There’s nothing like the wild array of beauty grown from the blogging community. The world is full of love, so full that I am oft overwhelmed by it. In a good way.

Please extend my gratitude to all who have reached out with a word or thought. My family appreciated it and I am completely humbled by it, I am also grateful for the mail – it keeps me focused on something other than my worries!

I am not quite sure what to write or where, but I am home in 40 days and will be posting again soon, I hope.”

If you would like to write to Rara or send her a card, leave a comment and I’ll send her address to you.

Thanks to all of my online friends who sent wishes of condolence and encouragement. It clearly meant so much to Rara, and I am honored to have such wonderful people following my blog.



13 thoughts on “A Letter from Rara”

  1. Bless that poor girl. I feel so bad for her. It’s bad enough what she went through with the legal system, but words can’t express how sorry I am she lost her husband like this.

      1. Hey, Noelle, my letter got returned saying the booking number etc was incorrect. Thing is I am pretty sure it is the same one that I used the first time. Is there another addy for her?

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