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For some time, I have steadfastly held to being award-free on this blog, despite the row of awards listed alongside my blog (really!). I am so honored when someone gives me an award! These are fellow bloggers who have been role models, friends, and supporters and who enrich my life. I recently was given the Champions Award by Sue Vincent, an incredible lady with wondrous stories to tell, journeys to take us on, and a keen eye for beauty. Oh, and a dog with whom I’ve fallen in love. So I am making an exception in accepting this.


Seumas Gallacher (, prolific Scot writer (have you seen him looking magnificent in his kilt?) created the award as a means of saying thank you to those readers and writer who go the extra mile in support of others. So this has wonderful meaning.

There are no rules, just to pass this on to worthy people. So thank you to everyone who visits saylingaway with their thoughtful comments and support!


Here are some bloggers whom I would like to honor in turn. If you have a no awards policy, no problem!

Jemima Pett at

Katherine E. Pitts at

Pamela Wight at

Barb Vitelli at

D. Wallace Peach at

Recipients, if you choose to accept and wish to propagate the CHAMPIONS AWARDS, please do the following:

  1. Post this Award Sticker on your blog, with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS
  2. Acknowledge the sponsor of your Awards.
  3. Choose at least five of your own nominees and advise them accordingly, attaching these 5 guidelines.
  4. Keep it simple… no need for explanations for the Awards… we know how great these folks are.
  5. You are free to give out these Awards as frequently as you wish.



18 thoughts on “Champions Award”

  1. Hey, Noelle. Thanks so much for the kind nomination! A nice surprise this morning 🙂 I did switch to no awards recently, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tickled pink by your mention. Have a wonderful day 🙂 <3 😀

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