A Day in the Life of Moi Part I

20150210_110558My name is Elijah Moon. This is the first time I’ve posted myself, but I know one of my humans has written about some of my past adventures.They are out of the country for a few days, so I told them I would post on Noelle’s blog once or twice, just to keep things interesting.

My two humans are Noelle and Hubs (at least that’s what she calls him), and I must say I do have a rather good life. It didn’t start out very well, though. My brother Ezekiel and I were sent to an animal shelter when we were little because no one wanted us. A student at Brown University adopted us though, and we lived with her for a while. It was a long time ago, and my recollection of that time is a little fuzzy. At some point she brought us her mother’s home in what I heard is called North Carolina. Then she left.

The mother was a nice woman, but let’s face it, Zeke and I had long claws and we did like her furniture – isn’t that what it’s there for? – so she put us outside to live. We had food and water left out for us, but we’d never lived outside before, and it was really scary at night. We could hear animals in the woods.

Then Zeke had a bright idea; he was always the leader and the explorer. I just like to hang around. He had been battling through the glass door with some cats living inside a nearby house and he found the door to the crawl space of the house was left open. So we moved in there at night. The son of Noelle and Hubs discovered us, and he fed us. Eventually we were sort of adopted.

We’d grown since being left outside and our plastic flea collars hardened and tightened around our necks! Our humans didn’t know where we’d come from, so they cut off the flea collars and took us to a place where we were prodded and poked and stuck with needles. After that, we came back to what is now home, and our humans put out houses and a cat tree for us on their deck.  We still had to stay outside. Those inside cats really didn’t like us, and I heard Noelle talk about a third cat that lived in their bedroom.

Time passed and we got used to our humans. I never wandered far from my forever home, but Zeke was a hunter and he would roam far into the forest. I heard friends of our humans tell them about running into him on the trails. I know the inside cats went somewhere, one by one, and then one day they took Zeke away and I didn’t see him again. Noelle cried a lot with each disappearance, but especially Zeke. I’m still not sure if I miss him.

Finally, I was allowed inside. I’d been inside before with Zeke on really cold nights or horribly hot days, but always in the garage. Now I have the run of the house, and I’ve trained my humans to keep to my schedule.

In my next post, I will tell you all about my schedule. Right now I need a nap (yawn!).20150307_131920



17 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Moi Part I”

  1. What a pleasure to meet you Elijah Moon, I suppose you have your humans well trained by now. I’m lucky not to have a Superior any more who might learn such things from you.

  2. Well, hello there, Elijah Moon. I knew Noelle is a cool lady, but now, hearing your story, I think I like her even more. 🙂 Look forward to more of your stories.

  3. Elijah Moon, you are very lucky Noelle adopted you. I’m sorry Zeke ran away, I guess he didn’t know he was onto a good thing. I’m sure you make your humans very happy. And my, you are a handsome fellow. I’d love to have a cat like you. 😊

    1. Thanks, Ali. We think we are lucky to have him, too. His appetite has been nonexistent for the past week, so it’s off to the vet next week. He does NOT like the vet!

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