A Day in the Life of Moi, Part III

By now you know a lot about me, Elijah Moon, a cat nonpareil. I am looking forward to having my humans home again, but figured I could sneak in one last post.

There are lots of things I like to do, if only to get Hubs to say, “Look! See what the cat’s doing now!”

I’m very clever. For example, when Noelle is working at editing on the dining room table, I hold her papers down in case there’s a breeze, and I like to play with her pen.







As you know, I’m a major napper, usually in the sun, but occasionally in the dryer, right after the clothes have come out and it’s still nice and warm.

Elijah in Drier






My humans’ coats are especially nice on a cold winter night.20141118_201241





I also have a shoe fetish. Any shoe will do.




Christmas is my favorite time of year. One time, I decided to climb the Christmas tree. It’s always a big tree, usually about 11 feet tall and set in the living room. I actually wanted to play with the baubles on the tree, but a visiting cat challenged me to climb it. Noelle caught it just as it started to fall and screamed for Hubs to come help her. Later, he wired it to the wall so it didn’t fall over when I tried it again. Hubs walloped me with a newspaper, so my climbing days are over. Nevertheless, I did give them a huge scare last Christmas when they couldn’t find me anywhere and called and called for an hour. I don’t know what they were worried about — I was sleeping in the wrapping paper under the tree.

I still don’t understand why my humans call me Mr. Waddles, Fur Butt, and the Beef Master. I’m a very a very handsome, if elderly, fur-coated gentleman.

My life. It’s not bad, and it’s been nice talking to you.









4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Moi, Part III”

    1. I would prefer King of Cats, Fabulous Feline, and things of that sort. I’ve lost weight so Beef Master is particularly offensive. My humans are lucky I still love them despite the name calling!

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