P = Paulette McGillivray

Paulette is Rhe’s best friend, her sounding board, and a willing participant in many of Rhe’s sleuthing trips. She’s bubbly, fashion-savy, and the quintessential homemaker.

Paulette lives just down the street from Rhe, her son Tyler is Jack’s best friend, and she is, according to Rhe, Pequod’s answer to Paula Deen or Rachael Ray or Giada De Laurentiis. Food is always on the table in her kitchen and Rhe fights the calories while enjoying her creations.

Paulette is vertically challenged – her hugs are always around Rhe’s waist – and blonde. She was in theater in college, and her acting ability has her volunteering to play a potential escort in Death in a Red Canvas Chair.  Her children, Tyler and 12-year-old Sarah, become active characters in Death in a Dacron Sail and Death by Pumpkin.

Her support of Rhe through several traumas and her inside knowledge of Rhe’s marriage and relationship with Sam, her brother-in-law, allow me to explore the more emotional side of Rhe.

You should have a good image of her – what do you think she looks like?

13194341_9781630030339_coverHigh Resolution Front Cover.4957203 and Death By Pumpkin, coming in May



14 thoughts on “P = Paulette McGillivray”

  1. Paulette sounds a bit like me! Apart from the acting ability. She is small, (check) blonde (check – well, strawberry blonde) and always food on her table (double check!) I love her already 🙂

  2. Hi, Just stopping by from the A to Z Challenge – oh it’s you! It’s taken me all this time to reach you gong down the list. I’ll be lucky if I get to 200 this year.

    As for Paulette – in many ways she reminds me of my Maggie in the Viridian series. Just shorter – and Maggie isn’t tall. I think they both look a bit like the girl with ginger curls in Grease 😉
    Jemima Pett

    1. Interesting – gotta look that girl up – I know who you mean, can’t think of her name. I know what you mean about getting around. After I visit my regulars, there’s so little time!

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