A shout out to more of my new followers

I am always grateful for my friends in the blogosphere who follow my paltry offerings and find them interesting! I have had almost 25,000 views since I began this blog, and that figure staggers my imagination. THANK YOU!

I am just catching up with my followers, so if your name is not here, stand by!

Here is a list of my new followers as a shout out in thanks:

Fitness Inspirational: Great fit bodies!

Kittens That I Love:  Wonderful cat photos  for all you cat lovers out there.

George Edy at GÂNDURI CURATE PENTRU LUME ADUNATE  Most recently he has a story in English called the Rabbi’s advice

Gary Jeffries at  He writes an inspirational blog, the most recent post is A  Random Act of Kindness

Marlin Carter’s marketing at for ways to improve your marketing skills – what we all need

Donna Dechen Birdwell at   Donna is an author, artist and archeologist whose book Way of the Serpent I just reviewed. Check her out!

bahelberg1 at A prolific blog author and a daughter of farming parents and of the farmland of Northwest Ohio, she writes about her life growing up, films, horses and farm animals – what’s not to like?

The most amazing pictures of animals: Definitely worth a look each day for the AWWW factor. The author was born in Boston, Massachusetts and now live in Southern California, is married and father to three daughters, a teacher and student to it all. His influences range from the homeless to Harvard professors, and his blog is a collection of words and general understandings brought to you by me.

David Ellis aka Too Full to Write at   David is a 37 year old male, a writer, podcaster, lyricist, humorist, novelist/author and poet who lives in Tunbridge Wells, England. He likes/loves films, music, books, TV series, computer games, etc. He will chat with you about all sorts of stuff on FaceBook, Twitter or the chat of your choice! His books are flash fiction, short stories and poetry. who lives in Newport Beach, CA (one of my former homes) and writes, travels and tries to live a focused life.

Akansha Negi at She lives in India and has the most beautiful photos and information about India and its surroundings. Fabulous!

Araav Gupta at She writes wonderfully lyrical blogs about the human condition and soul.

pixey1234556 at  She blogs all about her random life/hobbies/things. Pixy is a young blogger who lives in Texas but was born in Nepal and doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up. Any followers out there who can relate?

Kevin at He writes exceptional book reviews about exceptional books and I clearly met him through many of my blogging buddies.

Book Haunt (great name!) at   She is a 51 yr. old woman from Scottsdale, AZ currently running two new blogs: and One is for book reviews and the other is for whatever strikes her fancy. Both are just for fun! She will rweview your books but is currently backlogged.



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