New Followers Friday

Here’s my people for this week! Check them out – as usual, amazing!

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie  Madelyn has a lot of degrees (CTP, A.C.T., CMC, MCC, SCAC) and is a certified [Life] Coaching pioneer and ADD Coaching Field founder. She blogs about ADD and all the other alphabet disorders. I wish I had had her around when my son (who even as an adult is still ADHD) to help me. She could be a fantastic resource for some of you. Kitt O’Malley is a mental health advocate, wife, mother, sister and daughter who neglects housework as she blogs, connects using social media, and lives with bipolar disorder. This is a great resource blog for those who live with or are living with bipolar disorder.  Tammi Kale is mother, daughter, mammy and a budding author.  She is loves to travel, loves to read, loves to make new friends, and a lover of animals.  Her travel recommendations and photos are wonderful!  Burbuqe writes short stories, inspirational pieces, quotes and other uplifting posts. Visit this blog is you need a lift!  This blog specializes in photos of dogs, alone or with humans, and other pets. I love the these!  L C Aisling is the pen name of an Estonian author, whose writings have grown into worlds of their own over the years with characters, rules, weather forecasts and shoes that need to be remembered and organized: an alternative to the modern world, a parallel universe with an urban fantasy twist, and aliens in a futuristic world. Some of her posts involve an encyclopedia with all the information about these worlds.  I checked one out, and she does an amazing job!  And now for something truly different.  For him, Imodium is a lifestyle choice.  He will not leave the house without Imodium in his pocket. Throughout his whole life, the constant support system and the thing that enabled him to accomplish anything has been Imodium, so name of his blog is a shout out to the Rx. He writes wonderfully sarcastic posts. Check out: My relationship with St. Patrick’s Day: It’s nothing to shake your shillelagh at! This is an uplifting and spiritual blog of encouragement by a person who spreads the word that if you learn to work with all the negatives in life, you will surely make better pictures out of it. Pamela Canepa posts reflections on writing, life, dogs, learning, books, and almost everything else. This latest one is about accepting the fact her son is not going to be a college student, how he found another niche, and cashing in his college fund to add to a retirement fund. Lots of letting go and acceptance. Which I did myself when my son decided to join the Army instead of college. Check this one out!

The Impeccable One The Impeccable One is Subhajit Das, an extremely good-looking (as per his gravatar – what? I’m not dead!) young Indian man who reviews anime, books, movies, TV series, music and dance in great depth and insight. Check out his blog for recent reviews if you have a question about a choice in any of these categories.



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