New Followers Friday, a Bit Late

It’s Labor Day weekend so my New Followers Friday got delayed a bit. I am now blocked out for the next three weeks, so if you are a new follower, be patient with me!

Wendy Unswroth at  Wendy has written two novels plus chapter books for children, and one of her current WIPs is a psychological thriller. Born in England, she’s lived in Zambia, Kenya and Portugal but currently lives in Cornwall with her family.  I know a number of bloggers who have lived or who are currently living in Africa and Portugal, so you might want to look her up.

tusharchaudhari900  is a traveler, trekker, day-dreamer, and book lover. You can find him on Facebook at  Delecia Henry is a self-published author and a freelance ghostwriter on She has been writing professionally since 2014 and has worked on countless writing projects. Delecia resides in Kingston, Jamaica and just started her blog. She is also on Facebook Camp Carpe Diem is Ally, a media student at Bournemouth University and a part-time student in drama school in London.  She is a young blogger – I know there are some young bloggers out there – she blogs on all sorts of things: the MTV video awards surviving a minimum wage job, London markets to visit.

Vihasi Shah at  Ms. Shah is a beautiful young woman, an entrepreneur, a lawyer in program, teacher, volunteer, writer… her blog is filled by various poems, tiny tales, words of wisdom designed to make you smile.

Rmskbus at  According to his Meet the Team introduction, Robbie was born an orphan. Found hiding in an alleyway in downtown New York with nothing but a shawl made from newspapers, he was taken in by a traveling troop of Buddhist monks and trained in the art of truth. His blogs are truly eclectic: Drastic changes in the Astrological Calendar, Burqa Ban Wins War on Terror, Equality Finally Achieved. This blog is fun!  Raheemjan is a new blogger who is a student in Elysain higher secondary school, Gilgit.  She has seen many people who do not eat fruits and vegetables and only live to 50-60 because of their lack of awareness. She was inspired to start this blog so she could convey to people the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, a worthy goal for us to read about. is a travel blog with absolutely breathtaking pictures of various sites around the world. Could not find a place to leave a message, but I highly recommend you take a look to see these photos!

Bubble Soliloquy at  The author is Sukritiz, who writes lovely short pieces of poetry and prose.  You can find her also on Facebook.

Sakshi at  Sakshi only wrote her first blog post last month, but they are nice on the eye and eclectic. She’s always wanted to write and she likes surfing the internet and reading articles, then sharing them with her followers – along with some of her own musings.

Sara Aurorae at s a true philosopher. How many blogs have you seen devoted to philosophical topics? Along with history, politics, and ethics. This is a blog for a deep thinker! The author is drawn to investigating decisions, views and actions.  Her latest post, with references, is Internal Language and Intelligence: Where is Moral consciousness?  I think you will find her blog challenging and a great learning experience.



9 thoughts on “New Followers Friday, a Bit Late”

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Noelle. You have some great titles and really stand-out covers. I especially love the Death in a Red Canvas Chair cover – they are on my list!

    1. Thanks, David. One of them, I forget which, is a follower of yours. Maybe that’s how we linked up?
      Still not getting your posts but I will check in from time to time.

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