Another Friday and More New Followers

Relax! The weekend is coming!
Relax! The weekend is coming!

Every time I explore this list, there are more amazing people to discover. I hope y’all will take time for visit a few of these.

Awkward at is a 15 year old who spends a lot of her time at home. She sounds like she needs some followers so why don’t you visit her page and tell her about yourself!

Hover printing at is an online magazine of fact and fiction, showcasing original stories, satirical reports and essays on great works of art. I read through some of the posts and could spend a day there. is a blog from a fellow in Cameroon. It covers daily events, health tips, etc. from a young African point of view.

Amsang at is an avid photographer, traveler and a foodie at heart. I read one of his posts on some Indian food and salivarted! His photography skills are awesome – so you might want to visit.

psychology74 – could not find a blog for this person, just a gravatar Ankit Maharishi from Jaipur, India, does not want to be called a blogger but an observer of live, less talkative, more expressive with words. This blog is reflective about the human condition. This is a fun blog that won the Sunshine Blogger Award. Francis and Anna are traveling though life’s mysteries, writing about their encounters, talking about God. Francis a sales person, hardworking and aggressive in studying his crafts. Anna is passionate about numbers, highly qualified in audit and finance. She is a creative traveler and an accidental writer. A recent post: 10 Superb Ways to Enjoy Dining Without Limits: The Terrace On the Corniche, St. Regis In Abu Dhabi was mind -blowing.

Stacey at has stories that are fun to read and will bring a smile to your face. She posts one every day and hope to make a collection in to a book for sale. Right now she is just seeing where her blog takes her because she’s a writer and is having fun!

Amber MV at is a graduate in creative writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University and created this blog to share some of her process in writing practice and development of voice.  The blog is described as a journal on the soul of the world” drawing inspiration from ecology, place-based perspectives, interreligious identity, soul, poetry, culture, urban life, community, anthropology, art, rites of passage, adult life, embodiment, animals and women’s interests.

Betty at confesses that books and libraries are some of her favorite thing. She got a library card at 6 and at a young 62 has been reading ever since, books of all kinds. And she reviews them! Bless her soul and go visit her blog!

Ramona Crisstea at is a lovely young woman who blogs about (and models) high fashion, inspiration, life and lifestyle, travel and love. She is also quite a design artist. Worth a visit and more.



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        1. Thanks. We were sad to see that we were one of only a very few couples in an original family when our children were in high school. They both married into similar families.

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