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One of these days I will catch up! is a blog on pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, intended as a safe haven for those who are or will become mothers. Included are research-based tips and tricks, positive stories, and much more so that more women can embrace motherhood and feel empowered, wherever they are on their journeys. I think this is a great blog for women of child-bearing age and potential grandmothers! Amsang is a reluctant traveler and crazy photographer. He primarily writes on internet and tech, but does find time for his first love, nature. If you are not a digital native, this is where to go to find answers to all your questions about digitally technical topics: web site building, cyber security, cloud hosting, you name it.  I’m saving this one!

Aria at writes that time is precious and she is wasting it wisely. This is blog is eye-candy – gorgeous photos – and consists of all sorts of topics, from yoga, to ways to build trust to the benefits of stinging nettles. You can spend an hour or more just traveling around in her posts!

Tara at Flower in Rainy Day or Tara, is a 14-year-old girl from Slovenia. She writes a beautifully thoughtful bog with wonderful photos. It is inspirational to read what she writes.

BEUBG at is a sweet blog with posts about different topics. I particularly liked the one about butterflies but there was also one on moments in life and another on friendship that are well worth your reading.

Delartista (Artista 10) at writes a blog as it was traditionally intended to be, writing from quotes, thoughts on life, issues with panic and anxiety, stories, poems and more. She also shares her photography and artwork. There’s a zombie story currently being posted in parts that all you zombie fans should read!

Safety Professionals at  This blog is as advertised – a site for how to make your workplace and living spaces safe.

Team Start Blog Writing at This blog is a one stop Blogging Reference Guide. Bloggers always need to get equipped with the tools of the trade to chisel their blog into shape, and this site provides all sorts of blogging reference and resources under a single roof.  You might want to make a note of this!

Miguel Olmedo Morell at Miguel holds an Undergraduate Degree in English Studies and a Master’s Degree in Spanish Linguistics, both awarded by the Universidad de Granada. He is a writer, proofreader and translator who specializes in linguistics, and literary criticism. He works as the Head of the Philosophy, Social Sciences, and Education departments at the Blackwell’s bookshop in Oxford, Broad Street and frequently volunteers as a proofreader for Project Gutenberg, where he undertakes work on texts written in English as well as in Spanish. He does book reviews and gives advice on writing. I love this blog!  This blog s exactly it’s title. Amazingly cute dog photos. If you need to get your aawww quotient this week, visit puupycuties. John is a soon to be grad student taking opportunities to travel. His blog is a way of consolidating pictures, videos and thoughts from abroad. Recent posts have been from Thailand and Vietnam. Great photos and lots of interesting information!

Piddlersue at Seasoned Expressions – The author is a retired Christian wife, mother and grandmother with too many projects on her “want to do plate.” She gardens, reads mysteries, cross stitches, travels and try new restaurants. Except for the grandmother part – and the gardening – she sounds a lot like me. Check out her shop



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