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Sorry to post this a day late –  have the chest cruds and spent most of yesterday sleeping. Today I am still coughing and hacking, but feeling more human. Now we are getting the torrential rains from Hurricane Matthew. is a blog about setting up yours to be a money maker: setting up your blog, how to generate content, email marketing. I’m checking this one out further to see if it might help an indie author!

Anita Kevyn Anita created her blog site for fashion enthusiasts who love to share, chat and try new ideas in fashion. Modeling is her life and she is a gorgeous model. It wasn’t until she walked her first runway that she realized fashion and modeling was her addiction, and if it’s yours, you will love this site. Miss bhukkad has a passion for food and traveling, so her blog has delectable food and restaurant reviews, travelling-tips and planning, healthy eating, and recipes for some mouth-watering, quick homemade stuff. One of her recent blogs had me salivating, so other foodies out there, check this out. This blog was created by Kristy. She’s 17 years old and loves art, journaling, sports, playing the piano and flute. Last year she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, and she has posted on her journey to recovery and what she plans for the future. I think this would be an excellent blog for any of my younger followers, and heck, older ones with daughters since AN has become almost epidemic in recent years.

The Hedonist at Anushka Mishra is the woman behind this blog. She works in financial services, so professionally she plays with numbers. However, the real person is more passionate about the words, for they can keep you spellbound. She has an urge to speak up about whatever comes to her mind and the heart. Her blog posts are solely based on my imagination or personal experiences. is the blog of Naveen. It started from eating, passionate and enthusiastic consumption. Unleashing the various shades of food to savor its essence is all about his journey. He calls himself a proud Foodie, in real life he is IT professional. , I dedicate most of my free time for food. Exploring new places for food and showcasing it for the fellow foodies is been my favorite pastime. He covers foods, reviews, travel guides and food photography. OMG, if you like food, you have to see this blog! Barka is a brand new blogger, just starting out. She needs followers so give her a visit. Stephanie is a teenage blogger, and I hope there’s a few of you out there who would like to share posts. Her quote for today is wise: Do not give your past the power to define your future. And now for something really different! This blog is about rafting the Comal River in Indonesia. It looks like a lot of fun and something any world traveler would enjoy.  Today’s post gives a lttle history on rafting, founded by Major John Wesley Powell who introduced the first rafting down the Colorado River, using a small boat made from wooden planks. From this came white water rafting, something I’ve done. It is an adrenaline rush! This is a challenging, opinion-based and interesting blog about the good and bad of the world’s religions. I think you will enjoy taking a look! This is another interesting blog, designed to help people who are having lifestyle, stress, and relationship problems. The authors are there to consult and help one achieve their goals.  The posts are very thoughtful – there is one about a black dot you might enjoy!  Jeyran Main is a blogger, consumer reviewer, and a freelance book translator. In addition to writing reviews on books, she guest hosts for blogs and writes articles for companies by request. She has had the pleasure of making friends with many publishers & authors, throughout her life and career. Her passion is to spread her positive energy to anyone that needs it.

Okay, folks, that’s it for this week. Be safe.



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  1. So sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather (and what weather to be under!) I hope you’re feeling more like yourself soon.

    Love your mini-descriptions. I will be visiting a number of these blogs.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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