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Just made it with 2 hours to go! is something truly different. The author, Jacob Dacey, is a local sales advisor at Royfoss GM dealership in Thornhill, Ontario. His goal is to change the way people think of car salesman by creating a friendly atmosphere with no pressure. He’s sharing everything he finds interesting in the automotive industry. This is not a nuts and bolts blog – check out recent posts: self-drive safari in Namibia, four reason to rent a luxury car while on vacation, exploring the Grand Canyon with pink Jeep tours.  This one’s a keeper – especially for me!

borderlinebrunette is following my blog but I couldn’t find hers! Ruby Khan, the author of this blog, always wanted to write but couldn’t figure out how to work it into her busy schedule. Then she just did it and now shares poems, quotes, writing and the journey of blogging. She has Motivational Mondays, Inspirational Tuesdays, Innovative Wednesdays, Collaborative Thursdays, and Free Spirited Fridays. This is a fun blog – check it out! is written by Varchswata, 18 year old girl from India, who loves to write poems. Her journey of mine was started when she was in 4th standard …she was in class and suddenly started scribbling something that ended up with a poem. She’s won several blog awards – so stop by and enjoy her lovely words! is written someone who was in the communications field for sixteen years, before they’d had enough and left. She chose to live in a small town in a remote part of the country to mend her brain and currently owns an online fabric and crafts shop, a used bookshop that works through Amazon, and an online record store which provides the time and energy to raise a son.  Really interesting blog.

Dalindcy at is a freelance journalist and blogger. This is her personal blog, where she writes thoughts, opinions, adventures and anything else that may strike her fancy. Recent posts are on the art of quitting (!), riding on trains (one of my favorite pastimes) and a review of the Bill Hodges trilogy by Stephen King. Allie is the mother of a two year old boy and a brand new daughter and is happily married to her best friend. She is a voracious reader, loves to learn new things the outdoors and and animals. She review books on multiple platforms including Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Twitter, Facebook,  The Indie View and of course her blog. She’s not taking any more books to review until spring because of a backlog (imagine that) but keep her in mind and visit her blog! is a blog by Lacie Sheldon Winters. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and is a nurse specializing in geriatrics and dementia. She is also studying psychology and writing and has two grown children.  It’s about the journey of building her Love Shack, but it’s also about cottage life. She is presently finishing her first book. Visit her blog and give her some encouragement! This is a blog by and for young women. The author writes about her world manly food, fashion, health, beauty, and reviews. This is an eye-catching blog – check it out!

Noelle Martin at writes social comments, stories and opinions exploring a wide range of issues affecting contemporary women in society: politics, race, pop culture, feminism, and many other things of interest. Every woman will find something there!

Freeman at blogs about social and political parts of the world to allow people to connect. The posts are about what is happening currently in Afghanistan and are well worth reading since it is an inside view. With my son deploying yet again to this corner of the world in a few months, I found the content to be very pertinent.  This is a poet’s blog. In the words of the author “I have tried to pen down a few poems mostly on occasions when I was in need of motivation.” I think the poems are motivating for the reader as well.



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    1. Stephanie – that is JUST what I wanted to hear. I’m trying to expand our community bit by bit, Wish I had time to follow everyone following me, though,

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