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I’ve been remiss lately about recognizing new followers and as a result, there is a huge backlog. I promise to get to all of you in good time, so please be patient with me. I am working on my fourth book in the RHe Brewster Mystery series and also have started tutoring middle school students.

What a hoot! The students, but hopefully parts of the book, too!

pri49 at is a really, really, new blogger. Recent posts include thoughts on how a new writer struggles and simple tips on how to make cleanliness easy. Stop by and give her a boost! This is a multi-person blog. Devpurna Talapatra is a lawyer by day, the quintessential bengali dreamer by night, a foodie since toddler days and oh, an up-cycler on weekends too! Devlina Talapatra is just another Bengali woman proud of her Rabindrasangeet and Rosogolla roots and a psychiatrist, still picking up the shells on the Freudian shore. Archya Sengupta is a trying-to-be-global bangali babu, who is attempting to carve out a niche for himself in blogosphere, having had mixed results in Medicine Practice. In short, a struggling artist. Recent posts are on new fatherhood, food, Indian culture, lifestyle and health.

venkat457  Dang, another gravatar!  Ivana Velickovik is Macedonian and a designer of unique fashion clothes and jewelry. And the owner of 3pi Positive Collections. She blogs in both English and Russian! There are some gorgeous high fashion clothes on this website! Leasyah is another young blogger who likes to post on everything from her thoughts to health and beauty to careers and fashion. Her most recent posts have been on events from around the world!

dajanablach – just a gravatar! Why do followers do this? Nicholas Sogard wants to find a theorem that can explain most thoughts of humanity.  He is an avid statistics consumer and sees a probability in every event, believing the sweetest victories come from the utmost underdog situation. Music is one of the most influential factors that defined his personality.  His latest posts are on ‘millennial syndrome’ and how Rock saved him! is written by a man who quit his well-paying corporate career to pursue his passion, not knowing what life had in store ahead of him. He has thoughtful posts on humans, relationships and the challenges of an entrepreneur pursuing a dream. See a recent thoughtful post on male-bashing.  Gayatri is an finance professional ,spending most of her time in share market. Her hobbies include makeup and cooking and her blog is all about women empowerment and women related issues.

Mikey at is a young British guy who has just moved to the big city and just started his first job. He noticed, before moving, that there was very little information about what it’s like living in a big city like London and starting a graduate job. He concluded he would be the source of this information for others. His posts are really interesting – could provide great information for a character!

Sultan Sayyad at talks about living a boss free life through blogging and his posts are all things in the blogosphere. is all about cars! Wooden cars, soar cars, training cars – it is written by a team and should really please any car fanatics out there.

Jazlyn Mercer at is a devout Christian who blog about fashion. She shop deals, sales, and thrift in order to look good and is a great photographer.

Prapti Choudary at posts a personal journal about her life in India.

Ali at is newly married and has created a book blog.  Her recent posts comment on a Fall Bookish Bingo, where you fill in a Bingo card with books read and enter for a giveaway. This is run my Bekka at Pretty Deadly Reviews. Pretty cool idea!



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