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Elijah under the Christmas treeGetting into the holiday season? Elijah Moon is.

THANK YOU to everyone who stops by to read my posts! I’m honored.

Herewith is a new group of followers, very eclectic. Check out Rob Goldstein – his post is most unusual and very heart-wrenching in many respects. Ula is a 28-year-old Polish girl, currently living in Canada and doing her very best to live life to the fullest.  She has a Masters in Education and has finished “Styling & Image-Making” and also “Personal Image & Beauty Expert” courses. She posts on food, style, beauty, health, and she has TONS of followers. I personally liked the post on how to buy diamonds on line!

mystijl Found this: An e-zine about health, beauty, travel.

Nikhil Shedbale at is an explorer and adventure traveler, a civil engineer, pursuing a Masters degree, a blogger and a mountain tamer. He believes once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote. He has wonderful pictures of where he climbs/hikes in India along with his thoughts on life. Angiee Capp blogs from Africa about friends, places and her thoughts. A very interesting look at another part of the world! Jumi’s Shop is written by a husband and father of two girls who lives in South Korea. Since my daughter worked there teaching English for a year, we are intimately familiar with life there. His blog has wonderfully illustrated posts about the food and sights and culture of his country. His opening statement is great: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

property210blog – another gravatar. Hope they check in! Uniquely Similar is written by a 25 year old Irish girl living and working in Frankfurt, Germany. She loves travel, beauty, fashion and adventure and her blog is where she writes it all down. Her mission is to learn to love herself, which is why she decided to start a blog. She’d be thrilled if you came on this journey of self-discovery with her. She’s recently posted on Slovenia and also feeling good about yourself. I noticed D. Wallace Peach has commented on her posts! is the blog of a young Turkish man (Ceyhun Ozdemir), very good-looking from his photo! Don’t worry, it’s in English! He blogs on all sorts of topics with beautiful photographs: minimalism, vanity, life is good, butterflies and my favorite “Does the One That Passes is Time or Is It Me Who Passes Through it?” is written by Kara. She is 24 years old and currently living in Ohio, loves music, writing, painting, reading, traveling, and pajamas. She really, really loves dogs and has a yorkie/maltese named Molly.  She also has an American Quarter Horse named is Sweetie, for all of you equine lovers out there.  Flourish and Blogs is very eclectic – covers topics such as politics, travel, depression, heartbreak and anxiety.

The author of – The Dark Side of the Moon – is Brazilian, but there is a translation button on his site, so you can read his posts. He posts about his way of seeing, speaking, listening and thinking about the world … if you want to come with him … I love the title of his blogs. One is “The Main Problem with Brazil is not Corruption but Stupidity.”

Dolly at is actually Devorah Yentl, born communist Russia. It wasn’t easy to keep kosher in communist Russia at the time. You couldn’t go to a kosher store and buy anything, with a Hecksher, the way it is in the US.  She is semi-retired, I love to cook kosher. Her recipes are different from traditional American Jewish food, transforming this-that-and the other into something delicious to grace her table. Her blog is dedicated to her children and to the memory of her father.  Check out her recipes from a Florentine omelet to a cranberry pizza. YUM.

Rob Goldstein at is passionate about right of full access to health care for people with mental illnesses. He writes about his personal struggle to live with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is neither rare nor imaginary.  He has alters, and I think it would be lovely if he could get more followers as a means of expanding his support.



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