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I have been accumulating new followers, and my thanks to all of them. Here is a shout out to their blogs, along with a few words by way of introducing them: by a teacher of Chinese: learn, speak, write, textbook, contract, beginner, advanced, intermediate.

Lexie at  She describes herself as just a simple person who loves to discover the world with my own means, and spare a little time to my other outdoor activities and my original job of course. She’s pleased to show you her photos and share her travel experiences. specializes in holiday cruises

MSB at – great movie reviews. You should read before going to see.

Jhun Arconada from the Phillipines at He writes on social issues: the rich and the poor, human trafficking, global warming from an Asian point of view!

Lexie at who is a seventeen year old dreamer. Anyone wanting to know what it is like to be a teenager with a passion, this is the blog.

Hubham Bansal and Arastu Singhal at where you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about Game of Thrones. My daughter is obsessed.

Author Maremma Gee from Barrow-in Furness, England father, husband, soccer fan (Chelsea) who lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family.

Another Chinese language teacher at

Maybe this is the wave of the future?

Jane Sakshibho at – she writes short, beautiful and inspirational posts

A new one for me, Mae at – who is into threesomes. Hot, hot, hot!

Soul on Rice (taken from Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice, which I read) at – A former prison inmate, finding redemption and freedom through writing.

Gracie Bradford at who reviews books as Grandma Midnight, sassy and outspoken

Juvie at – A 30ish Filipina woman who loves to write and daydream. Her blog is eclectic – travel, cooking, makeup.

Faydel at –  Personal thought, diary, articles geared towards championing and alleviating the course of humanity. His latest post, a review of a Korean restaurant made me very hungry!

Jan Olendese (Book ‘Em, Jan-O) at writes about ghoulies, ghosties, things that go bump in the night and the paranormal, as well as funny, very irreverent haiku, stories and verse.

Jill Burkinshaw  at (Books N All) who does freelance book promotion work. Might be a person to help you with your marketing. – The author is a momzilla and writes about family life.

tushnim production at – They do customized layouts for people who love photographs of birds.

Dwijesh Sharma at – Interesting quotes, thoughts, and shorts

Alex Torres at He does movie reviews, most recently Spider Man and Dunkirk.

Babl at – Everything you need to know about 3D printing technology and what can be printed – including food! Star Trek, here we come.

Anita and Geo at – they love to travel and recently posted about a trip of fifteen days in six countries. We almost have them beat: seven countries in 20 days!

Gaia at – Travel, flowers, organic gardening, landscape – all accompanied by gorgeous pictures!



15 thoughts on “New Followers”

  1. What a lovely post welcoming new followers, Noelle, such a lovely thing to do. And I see you have a follower from Barrow in Furness… well guess what? That is where I come from, and I was just there two weeks ago celebrating my Nana’s 90th birthday with all my family! Small world! 😊

    1. Thank you, Ali! I’ve never been to Barrow in Furness. What is it like? Congratulations to your Nana on reaching such a ripe old age. I hope she is still enjoying life to the fullest!

      1. You’re not missing much, actually. It’s a typical northern town, but has improved a lot since I left. Yes my lovely Nana was born at only seven months and slept in a shoebox, she was that tiny. No one expected her to survive, and here she is at 90, still full of energy and enjoying life with a mind as sharp as a knife! She is an inspiration. 😊

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