Some New Followers – just love them!

Next post up is our trip to wine country in Burgundy, France….

In the meantime, have fun perusing these blogs. There are some great ones in here! And many thanks to all of these new followers.  A fun blog with dog and cat pictures and videos that will brighten your day!

Holly B at She is a book reviewer who spends hours reading novels and finding new books that intrigue her! Her favorite genre is mystery/thriller/psychological thrillers. The author’s aim is to gain knowledge around the World and spread it, so there are travel, entertainment, sports and world heritage posts. Great photos. The latest post is one on the top places to travel in 2017.

Matthew Seufer at  He posts on the Bible, breaking news, God, fine art, miracles, nature, peace etc.

Gary Thaxton at His photographs are stunning. Check out his blog. This blog even gives links to other blogs and sites to help people who are just starting to learn Chinese! The author of this blog encourages writers to submit their work for FULL FEEDBACK, plus get it performed/showcased at the monthly festival – films, screen-lays and short stories.

Aparna at  who hails from Madras, India, but who now lives in Manhatten. She writes about travel adventures, recipes and memories.

Zeynepsi at – a new blog, just started. I need a translation!

Angelic Realm at This is a blog filled with positive, uplifting messages. by Mohammed Jamsheed / Pushpendra Gupta, who are currently working as Software Professionals in a reputed IT firm. They blog tech new, real life stories, and fiction. Stuff that millennials will dig.

Taifur Rahman Fuad (sorry, have no online address)

Cathy Lynn Brooks at Cathy daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disease, then died in a car accident at age 29. Cathy writes her story but also inspirational and motivational pieces.  GlobalCompliancePanel is an online training gateway delivering high quality regulatory & compliance trainings in a simple, cost effective and in a user friendly format.

Sevan Malikyan at https://paintersjournal.wordpress.com Sevan Malikyan is a British expressive painter of Armenian Ancestry. He paints paints ‘ intense personal images figurative in style which draw on his personal and family history . His sketches and paintings are colorful and evocative.

Rough Bandit at  This blog makes me laugh. I love a blogger who isn’t serious!

Sumand Das Freelancer at Suman is a professional freelancer in Upwork, the technique to boost your website traffic, and ranking in the Search Engine. He  can work both locally and world-wide.

Mohammed Jamsheed and Pushpendra Gupta at They work as as Software Professionals in a reputed IT firm. Apart from managing this site, they like to hang out with friends, Sports activities and participating in marathons. They post about business and inventions along with stories, all sorts!

And last but not least A blog written by someone with a funny creative mindset, posting funny comedians and funny videos!



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