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Hey everyone, check out some of these new followers’ blogs!

Kristi at As her blog name indicates, she lives in Boston, my home town, and LOVES to read.  For all you seamstresses out there, this is a manufacturer that specializes in braids, cords, fringes, tassels, and passementeries.  is written by an Irish mom with two little girls under two. It’s about parenting and the joys and not-so-joys of having children. is written by Maham, who is a chartered accountant working for one of the big four audit firms. She is passionate about reading, writing, fashion, beauty, art, travel and food. Marc Bates a freelance photographer from Cramlington in Northumberland, England. Stop by his blog to see some spectacular photos!

Kanika at KC writes wonderfully lyric poetry

Like to play bingo? This site will tell you all about the various kinds of bingo and where you can play and the rules.  Is a site for sales of properties. You need a LOT of money to buy any of them!  Don is a friend and a fellow mystery writer. I’ll have a post about his new book very soon! He’s also written  The Ultimate Guide For Independently Published Authors: Tips for improving quality and selling your work, now available on as an eBook or in paperback.

Willie Gordon Suting at is a poet, writer, freelancer, bibliophile, vintage watches collector, blues and vocal jazz fan and country-jazz crooner who lives in Shillong, Meghalaya, Northeast India is a fairly virulent anti-Trump blog. There may be some who would like this. is an empowering, supportive blog about emotions.

Let’s Roam the World at is a blog written so the author, who admits to a bad memory, can remember all the places she’s been and things she’s done. A wonderful, eclectic travel blog.

The Mad Movie Ranter at has a BA (with Honours) degree and took a two year part time Master’s Degree in Television Scriptwriting. He reviews LOTS of movies. You can check out almost anything new on his site.

Sanjeef Jain at Digital Passion:  He posts about how to make an income from your site or blog, how to redirect traffic to your site. Good information!

Akataka076 at His site has comedy videos set in Africa and they did make me laugh!

Sujata at  She writes poetry, but I need a translation. From the comments, it sounds like she has a real way with words!



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