New Followers for January

There are some super blogs in this new group – take a look!

Charlie de Luca works in higher education but was brought up on stud farm and racing yard. He loves horses and racing but sadly grew too tall to be a jockey! He has written three racing mysteries, Rank Outsiders, The Gift Horse and Twelve in the Sixth and is working on a fourth. I know there are a lot of horse lovers and riders out there in the blogosphere, so check his blog and books out!

Shreyasukrity at  is a person who is positive about every aspect of her life. She likes to read, I like to write, to think, to dream. A well-trained dancer. A talkative one, and a good listener. In her blog posts she writes about the real world through creative writing, motivational stories, certain photograph, and short stories. I loved a recent post called My Success was Just Postponed.

Mackenzie Flohr at She is an award-winning author who posts author Interviews, book spotlights, writing advice, and book reviews and just landed a five book publishing agreement! Her own books are fantasy. Check her out! is a blog rich with words – poetry, descriptions – and visuals. Magnificent free verse – this blog is for everyone, not just poets.

Christianna Mony at is by a lovely young lady who likes to travel, posts inspiration memes for every day life, and blogs about her own life and thoughts. She likes to fly!

Julie Davide at is a married mother of a little boy and lives in a cabin in the woods of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I’m familiar with the area and its beautiful. She likes to read and together with input from her husband, reviews books. She loves reading and music –psychological thrillers and mysteries are her genre of choice. She also loves chocolate, wine, coffee and cheese – a woman after my own heart. Check her out!

Top Ten Blogger at  is a foodie with recipes for food and drink, recommendations for restaurants and gadgets. I’m still salivating over the Yorkshire pudding, gumbo and pheasant recipes – all unique and wonderful. Check this one out! I think I have dinner for tonight…

Chef Kevin Ashton at THIS is a blog for cooks. The first post I saw was how to find a ripe melon – what useful information! He posts recipes, advice, reviews, travelogues and news – he even has cheap and easy recipes for students, which is perfect for the busy woman with a limited income! Do check him out – you’ll have recipes for weeks!

Emily Raper at, Author’s Canvas. Emily is an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree Paralegal Studies and Technical and Professional Applied Writing. She created her blog as a project to practice various types of writing, publishing, and marketing. She posts short stories and advice such as 5 Ways To Organize Your Blogging Life, A Tribute To Arthur Conan Doyle, Outside Writing: “Dos and Don’ts Resumes and Job Applications-What I know now that I’m 30+. She writes really well!  

Delphi Resort at It is located in the scenically breath-taking Delphi Valley, near Leenane, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. It does look fabulous and has all sorts of activities for travelers and tourists and families plus a 4 star restaurant. While we are saving our shekels for a trip to Ireland next year, I will put this on our list of possible places to stay.

Jeannette and Dylan at have a wonderful travel blog. Two of their recent posts are Floating Lanterns in Fiesole, Italy and Climb the Duomo in Florence. They also give advice on the best back packs and what to bring and how to pack. Perfect.

Rum and Cakes at is an upbeat blogger with a sunny view of life, who posts on random thoughts about life, general issues and love. Who doesn’t need some beautiful readings?

Vinayak Gupta at All the posts in his blog are real life events, real life situations, and real life lessons experienced by the author, who tries to explain his feelings of these special moments in his own words. is a very colorful blog about all things Indian: royal palaces, rajputana jewelry, weddings, all accompanied by videos and music. This blog takes you on a journey and out of your everyday life!

Sandeep and Maya at  have a blog showcasing inner creativities, their passion for innovative and creative things because they believe that art is not all about beautiful oil paintings. Their blog is full of gorgeous sketches, stone painting and photography and is definitely worth a look!

For the following, all I have are email addresses:



5 thoughts on “New Followers for January”

  1. I’ve gotta start doing this – the “pat on the back” that you do. My blog is filled up with postings now until 18 July 2018 – but after that I’m doing this … i.e. naming and thanking those who follow… Great stuff as always, Noelle. I’ve always said I would but this time I shall!!!

    1. Thanks, Bruce. I figure if they take the time to read my posts, I should give them a little something back! And there are a LOT of interesting blogs out there. Check out the chef -0 we’ve been messaging back and forth.

  2. Thanks Noelle for listing our blog in ur post.. Indeed a “Pat On the Back” and means lot to us.. I find quite a few very promising blogs as well in your post as well.. More Power to U!! Happy Blogging !! 🙂

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