Monday, Monday

Well, it’s Monday again. I had to listen to the Mamas and Papas to lift my mood.

My lord, don’t they look young and innocent? Like me at that time!

I am struggling to teach myself how to use Scrivener. I think I’ll just have to jump in. The instructions were dense and I’m resorting to videos, but I really need some help with my historical novel. I have piles of downloaded material on sheets of paper which I have to search through, and the thought of making a ton of files either in Word or paper files is daunting. Not that I haven’t done it before when I was an academic.

My crazy clown of a cat is sleeping in the corner of my loft, with his head resting on his favorite mouse. At least he’s a happy camper!

Wish me luck….



21 thoughts on “Monday, Monday”

  1. Good luck wishes from this corner of the globe! I had to Google “Scrivener” – as I’d never heard of it!! I hope it doesn’t try and correct grammar and spelling, and suggest improvements of style! I like your writing style the way it is. Some writing programs try to make us all the same – I still write with a ballpoint pen on wads of loose paper from the computer printer drawer! I’m soooo yesterday!

  2. I really loved that song and most of the music from that era.

    Wishing you the best with Scrivner. I’ve had it on my computer for 3 years and still haven’t taken the time to figure out how to use it.

    Garfield does indeed sound like a happy camper!

  3. I know the song quite well, but I’ve never seen them perform it; don’t they look innocent, and clean?! Not sure about the green wellies… Oddly enough, I’ve just been reading about Scrivener – but I’ve still no idea what it does.

    1. It’s a program to help you write your book – store research and notes and scenes and let you move things around. I think I have to use it to learn it.

    1. Thanks, Willow. I’ll probably post about the learning curve at some point. I’m digitally challenged, so I ordered “Scrivener’s for Dummies.”

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