The Garfield Chronicles

I’ve been very busy lately, entertaining my two leggeds. They do enjoy my running up and down the hall, skidding on the floor into the family room and leaping on to the top shelf of my cat tree. They must like me because I’ve heard them call me a lot of names: thunder paws and fuzzy butt and crazy clown cat. It’s true I do have long pantaloons, and therefore I have to be brushed pretty much every day, or I have dingle berries. I love being brushed but it’s annoying when I’m not allowed to bite the brush.

I’ve become very curious about what’s outside where I live. Occasionally my main two legged will hold me up to an open window so I can see out. I love those things that fly through the air and I make hunting noises when I see them on their food container.

Usually I sleep in the corner of the loft where my two-legs works in the morning, but occasionally I just fall asleep wherever.

I love snarfing wet food, and I am sure to tell them most emphatically around noon that it’s time to have it in my bowl. The dry food tides me over, but I like to fish it out of the bowl and eat it on the floor.  I have two new toys: a mouse that runs across the floor (it’s lost its tail) and a feather thing that runs around under a cover. I like to wait until it gets close to me and then jump on it. But mostly I play with just about anything I find interesting – pieces of paper, leaves, dead wasps, whatever. 

I’m good at asking for belly rubs – just roll over and look pleadingly.

Is that a can opener I hear? Yum! Gotta go! It’s time for lunch.



33 thoughts on “The Garfield Chronicles”

  1. Your bellyrub begging pose looks just like Ody’s. Not many cats really like having their bellies rubbed, so I’m glad I have one that does. And you have such a pretty fuzzy belly!

  2. My Raven just got some new toys, too. One has a fussy tail on a bouncy-ball and is called a “wiggle worm.” She loves it. She also likes tummy rubs.
    Garfield is a such a handsome lad!

  3. Gorgeous Garfield. It might be a good thing that he is not very smart, I suspect. (I’ve never had cats but I’m guessing here!)

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