The Garfield Chronicles

Yes, c’est moi, the most handsome cat. Here I am admiring myself in the glass fireplace screen.

Today I am rather irritated. Every day around eleven I ask my two legged, “Isn’t it time for my lunch?”

She replies, “What did you say?”

I repeat, louder, “It’s time for my lunch!”

“Yes, yes, I’m getting there. Hold onto your pants.”

I don’t have any pants and even it I did, how could I walk and hold onto them? Honestly, it seems I need to have a continuing dialog with her for at least 30 minutes before she breaks down and puts out my tuna. I even have a patented dance I perform for her to tell her how hungry I am, even when I know she can hear me. Anyway, I’ve finally gotten my tuna and am now cleaning my face.

Did I tell you I have a new toy? It’s a sort of a crinkly tube that is fun to crawl through. It has a hole in the middle where I can stick my head out, but mostly I like to relax there. It also has these fascinating strings at one end that tempt me to pounce and chew them.

I thought I would show you where I sleep while me two legged writes – in the corner of the loft where she sits. Please note how messy my sleeping spot is, with papers all over. She does not keep her space clean. I keep my spaces clean…well, sort of. My box is something I can’t do anything about and it’s true I leave hair everywhere, but other than that I am clean and neat.

I’m feeling better now. She’s giving me something I like a lot!



9 thoughts on “The Garfield Chronicles”

    1. Thanks, MC. You forgot the complaining. Spent part of the morning cutting huge mats off Garfield’s rear. One more to go. But you’re right, his is a good life.

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