The Garfield Chronicles

Hello to everyone! It’s been a while since I, Garfield the magnificent, have typed a post, but my two-legged has been hogging the computer, working away on a book. She says she needs to finish editing it ASAP, so I snuck up here to use it while she’s away for the weekend…leaving me behind!

I don’t mind being left alone so much now since she found a nice lady to come in a give me pets and feed me. I’m warming up to her. She also brushes me which I LOVE.

So what have I been up to, you might ask, during all this time.

Well, I trapped my first mouse. It came in from the garage in a box my two-legged brought inside. It was much nicer to play with than the phony, furry ones she keeps giving me and it didn’t look anything like my knitted mouse, which I love to death.  She took that real one away from me, though, because she was afraid I might eat it…or so she said.

I also discovered a fun game to play. I go into one of the bedrooms upstairs and push the door shut. Then I dig at the door until she comes and lets me out. I did this several times until she realized I was doing it deliberately and braced the door open. Phooey!

There are lots of games I like. My two legged will play ‘hide her hand’  on the stairs with me – she pops it out and I jump! I also love to knead the blue blanket on her bed. I can do it for a long while and it makes me purr. 

Right now I am having fun leaving fur on her bed – she has to brush it up every few days, complaining she could stuff a pillow with it. Can I help it if I am fluffy and handsome?

It’s also fun to give her a fright. When she goes outside to swim, I charge the door. I have no idea what I would do if I actually got out the door, but she thinks I would run away and get lost. What’s outside that door?

My two-legged and someone she calls Hubs seem to find me very funny, and I do my best to keep them laughing – running around the house, which is good exercise, rolling on the floor, running up and downstairs, and carrying my knitted mouse into various corners of the house. I am not sure what they find so funny, since this is just what I do. It’s my job!

Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you next time, but in the meantime, she still hasn’t been able to get me into that box. She says I need to see somone called a vet.

This is what I think of THAT idea!



14 thoughts on “The Garfield Chronicles”

  1. You’re luckier than my friends Bertie & Roscoe, Garfield. If I’m away frot he weekend they just get left lots of food and hay. But if I’m away longer than that Auntie Vikki comes to see them, which they love. 🙂
    You’re looking very smart.
    Vets are very nice people, by the way. You’ll like them a lot.

  2. You were missed, Garfield! I always share your antics with my cat, Raven. You must be sending her psychic wavelengths because she does many of those same things, and gives me a huge fright when she tries to sneak out the door. Trust me, you want to stay inside!

    Some time ago I had to put her in her “safe zone” (the master bedroom in my house) with the door closed because I had contractors in and out. I was worried about her slipping outside if they left the front door open. So what did she do? She sat on the nightstand and tried to open the door with her paw. Instead she spun the lock and locked the door from the inside. I had to hunt down a special key to get her out. She did that twice!

    Raven says you are quite the handsome lad! 🙂

    1. If mice taste like tuna, I would like them. I like tuna more than anything, but my two-legged gives me other things, which I eat if I am hungry. Thanks for the offer. I’m not sure if I’ll get another chance to sample them.

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