Well, folks, the corona virus strikes again. But luckily not on our health.

The publisher informed me that while The Last Pilgrim WILL be on Kindle June 1, the real book will not be available until later in June. They had to retool to accommodate the social distancing regulations and it’s taking about a month to get a printing order. So the book itself in paperback won’t be available until later.

I am disappointed but what can a poor author do? It’s just the nature of 2020!

In the meantime, I have my grandson to amuse me!



10 thoughts on “AND A LITTLE RAIN…”

  1. That’s fine. Have you got covers and links etc for those of us doing a book blast for you? I tend to schedule about a week ahead if I can.
    And my paperbacks usually come out either a week before the kindle or a month after… one of those things with print versions!

    1. Will get to it by tomorrow, Jackie. Our house is currently torn up being painted inside – I can’t get to my computer with the info on it. This is going to be one quiet release!

  2. Your grandson is a very sweet distraction. 🙂
    I’m sorry about the delay with the print book, but June 1 for Kindle is right around the corner. YAY! Go you!!! 🙂

  3. Your grandson is very cute, but I particularly like the photo of yourself just above him! One would have to say “Woof! Woof!” I don’t know where you get all this drive to do things with your writing. It’s great!

    1. Thanks, Bette. I am currently trapped in my bedroom with painters painting the whole inside of the house. I need to get out the news about the book, but the computer with all the info in it is currently walled off in plastic. I just shake my head and carry on!

    1. Thanks, Pete. We are currently having the entire inside of the house painted – such good timing – and I am walled up in our bedroom, the only room NOT being painted. Can’t even get to my ‘writing’ computer.

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