A Shout-Out to Recent New Followers

I am always grateful when someone decided to follow my blog, so here is my acknowledgment of them in return. I have a backlog of followers to recognize so if I haven’t mentioned you, hand in there.

Josué Júnior at I believe he is Brazilian and he publishes about politics, sports, etc in his online magazine.  I translated the Poruguese and found he is a post-graduate from Cândido Mendes college, who works in the market with his company Arte Foto Designer and is owner of the content site Linkezine, @linkezinea

artworldblogspot at An Art News Blog covering diverse topics to do with art and style, as well as creativity in general. They blog about art, photography, mindfulness, recommend related products and give our best SEO tips for artists and bloggers.

wholelottarosie @  Roswitha Geilser is a talented artist and the author of this blog. She features artwork, portraits, paintings – hers and others.

Arthur Hofn at His is a pen name. He’s from Milton Keynes in South England but moved to Dublin when he was in his early twenties, and currently lives just outside London. He writes novels and other stuff, travel, reading and photography. He posts about his writing, literature reads and music.

An old friend, Wayne, at Wayne has introduced me to the wildlife – bears and whales and eagles, oh my! – in his area with his exquisite photography and I am delighted to have him as a follower.  Do check out his blog – fantastic!

Rhonda Gayle at Rhonda has a whimsical blog about Sybil Riversleigh who lives in Riversleigh in an old style manor house that offers rooms with a view to artists and writers who are interested in settling in Lemuria and working to populate this old realm. Christmas is clearly the best time of year to visit.

Patricia Furstenburg who posts at Pzatricia writes novels about history that blends with fiction, about war heroes, human or canine, and she also pens humorous poetry & haiku about nature and dogs. With a medical degree behind her, Patricia is passionate about mind, brain and education and the psychology behind it. Her latest book, Silent Heroes: When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting For, is about the war in Aghanistan. She also blogs about travels in Romania.

Marc Baker at  He is is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center (Pastoral Ministries), Liberty University (Religion), and Regis University (Information Assurance/Cybersecurity). His ministerial background includes pastoral ministry, leading revivals, and writing devotionals to inspire Christians globally, which he puts on his blog.

Mechanics Food at  This site publishes easy recipes for delicious foods – along with photos that make your mouth water!

Katie at Katie is a Korean teenage book blogger. On her blogs she screams about all things books.  But also tells us about her life and her heritage. If you need to find a book for a teen or YA, this is the blog site for you! She is a discerning reviewer.

Alozade Ahmed at The author presents different kinds of beauty in a large categories: Art and photographic images in several sub-categories (natural beauties, urban beauty, artistic beauty, including historical art). The photos are awesome.



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  1. What a lovely way to show appreciation for people who follow you. I find it hard to keep track of who is following me because they often do it via a feedreader like Feedly

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