Rock, Roll and Ruin, a new anthology of mysteries, featuring one of my stories

                         Rock, Roll and Ruin edited by Karen Pullen

Available on Kindle for $3.99 and soon as a paperback on Amazon.

In Rock, Roll, and Ruin, twenty-seven mystery writers serve up musically-themed crime stories around situations as unique as your inky fingerprints. There’s the bad-boy rock star, dumber than dirt, evading all attempts to keep him out of jail. Casino robbers undone by tribal flutes. A 1950’s jukebox that summons the dead and disappears the living. Jealousy drives girl band shenanigans, while a victim of botched plastic surgery seeks vengeance. Untimely deaths abound: at the prom, on a soap opera set, on a mountain-side hike. Several domestic “disagreements” are far from cliche: one wife is impatient and greedy; another wants her Stevie Nicks albums back; a third is desperate to get her husband to turn down the volume. Elvis fans will be tickled by the many mentions of the King himself, including an over-the-top fan club and a side-kick named after his dog. Whether trudging through snow in an Alaska forest, humming country music at a boatyard in Florida, playing sleuth at an assisted living facility, or stumbling backstage at the opera, irate, despairing, and deceived characters step into crime with barely a second thought.

Rock, Roll, and Ruin is a music-themed anthology of the Triangle, North Carolina chapter of Sisters in Crime. Some stories are cackling-out-loud funny, others are wickedly dark, but all are entertaining, original, un-putdownable. As Hank Phillippi Ryan writes in the Introduction, “Dip into this concert of mystery, open to any story, and you’ll sing a chorus of approval.”

My contribution: The M & M Mystery. Two octogenarians living in a retirement home become amateur sleuths to discover who murdered a resident former maestro by stabbing him with a violin bow.

Wonderful reviews from other crime and mystery novelists – do check it out!



23 thoughts on “Rock, Roll and Ruin, a new anthology of mysteries, featuring one of my stories”

  1. petespringerauthor

    What a great project! Death by violin bow—not something you hear about every day.🤣 I’m not sure how all of you agreed on the title, but this one is sure catchy with its staccato rhythm.

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  3. What a great introduction, Noelle. It couldn’t help but hook me. I couldn’t find a purchase link and couldn’t find it on Amazon. Reply with a link and I’ll pick it up! It sounds like great fun.

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