Book Review: The Destination by D.L. Finn ( @dlfinnauthor/X ) (Book Three of the Harbor Pointe Series)

The Harbor Pointe Series is a collection of eight novellas by Story Empire authors. Each story takes place at the Harbor Pointe Inn in a fictional California town.

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Annie is a spirit, the ghost of a little girl who has been monitoring the lives of her parents, now the keepers of the Harbor Pointe Inn. She knows that a serial killer is going to threaten all of them, and someone is going to die at the Inn. She feels helpless to stop it.

Lacy and Sandy are two young women, best friends, who travel to the inn for a beach vacation.  Sandy wants to be a marine biologist but is conflicted by her parents’ wish that she join the family business as an accountant and marry Greg. Her feelings about Greg are tepid, at best. When the girls meet two men staying at the inn. Lacey hits it off with Ben, and they go off for the evening but do not return. Sandy worries that something terrible happened to her best friend, Lacey – or is this just a case of two young people going off and spending the night somewhere? Tension builds and this reader kept turning the pages. In the end, this is about how Sandy responds to the loss of her friend and how she chooses her life’s path.

The author paints the setting of the inn, the nearby lighthouse, the ocean and surroundings so beautifully, the reader feels part of the story. And she also manages to weave in seamlessly the characters from the previous book in the series, and I loved the fact that ghosts were such a great part of the story.

I highly recommend this book as I do all in the series I’ve read so far.

About the author:

D.L. Finn is an independent Californian who encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. She was born and raised in the foggy Bay Area, but in 1990 relocated with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats to the Sierra foothills in Nevada City, CA. Being surrounded by towering pines, oaks, and cedars, her creativity was nurtured until it bloomed. Her creations vary from children’s books, young adult fantasy, and adult paranormal romance to an autobiography with poetry. She continues on her adventures with an open invitation for her readers to join her.

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46 thoughts on “Book Review: The Destination by D.L. Finn ( @dlfinnauthor/X ) (Book Three of the Harbor Pointe Series)”

  1. A lovely review, Noelle. I also noticed how beautifully Denise wove in details from the previous books in the series. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far. Congrats to Denise and Happy Reading!

  2. D.L. Finn, Author

    I’m SO excited you enjoyed the story, Noelle! Thank you for sharing you review here and this lovely post! Huge hugs xo

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