A Book Store Event!

I will not be checking blogs for the next five days or so because we are off to a wedding on Cape Cod. Along the way, however, I get to do an event for my book, Death in a Red Canvas Chair, on Wednesday, the 11th (tomorrow) at Haven, a shop at 1 Thompson Square in Charlestown, MA. So if any of my blog readers are in the area, please stop by.

I have no idea what to expect, since this is my first event of any kind. It was organized by Yard Arm Media, a small group I hired to help me with marketing, since like most authors, I dislike this aspect of book writing and publishing. I hope my years as a teacher will help me stand firmly on my feet and explain things without stammering! Wish me luck!



14 thoughts on “A Book Store Event!”

  1. Good luck on your book event! I’m sure it will go well. Let us know how it goes! And enjoy the wedding!
    I’m a bit behind myself, I’m staying with my daughter for the week, helping her look after new-born Elsa and 13-month Miguel! We’re both exhausted!

  2. I hope your event was a smashing success! Do let us know how it went and blog any words of wisdom about what to expect, how to behave and what kind of people you ran into.

  3. Hope you had a great time all around, Noelle — the wedding and the book event. Sounds exciting (esp the book event). Am going to two weddings in August. Oh, my, the stuff I have to deal with. 🙂

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