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My book event was a success, at least from my point of view. It was not a reading but rather just a gathering of people who might be interested in reading Death in a Red Canvas Chair. It was held in the small reception area outside of a boutique called Havens in Charlestown, MA, and put on by the marketing firm I hired earlier this year, Yard Arm Media. The boutique itself was sort of amazing – a lighted tree with many branches hung from the ceiling, a large half-moon mirror with lights around on one wall, and an interesting collection of well- made and eclectic items from belts to clothing to jewelry to tables and vases. The owner, whose office occupied the back of the store, is also into marketing.

The building in which Haven is located is an old bank building, converted into small stores and offices. In the front is a flower shop, so the air was redolent with wonderful flower scents; Haven is in the rear and next to it is a lawyer’s office made from the old bank vault. The original vault doors hang open and you can see the locking mechanism and the thickness.

People trickled in (there was a sign out front) and I talked to them about the book and signed copies they bought. My first sale was actually to a woman from Maine who had come in just to look at the store; after I pitched the book, she bought it to read while she was waiting for the people on the bus she drove to finish shopping.

I met a lot of interesting people from the area and we talked politics, the World Cup, and just about anything else you can imagine. I had a great time, low key, lots of chatting, and I sold books! Hopefully, I’ll get to do more of this – I can definitely handle it.

Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck! I did have it.

PS I have one picture of the event, but can’t upload it for some reason – since you are all writers, I’ll just let you use your imagination!



8 thoughts on “My Book Event”

  1. Congratulations, Noelle. Death in a Red Canvas Chair is a great book, one I enjoyed reading through and through. I hope more people read it and enjoy it just the same.

  2. Congratulations! It sounds like fun, chatting to possible readers, and talking about your book, and other things… I suppose it’s all about ‘reaching out’ as they say… I haven’t finished DIAECC yet, but I’m enjoying it so far… it’s on my list to finish asap!

  3. Well done Noelle. The type of event you describe is how I would like to sell my book when I eventually publish it. I have visions of travelling the countryside on an extended holiday, taking lots of photos and selling books in every town we pass through which will fund the trip. I’ll continue to dream on…….

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