How Do You Know When It’s Spring?

After the longest four weeks in February, I am finally in a springtime state of mind. Although it is chilly and rainy today, there are those unmistakable giveaways that have switched my brain from winter to spring mode.

First of all, the birds are noisy! They wake me up in the morning with all their happy chirping. They live in giant holly trees lining our driveway and are very clever at hiding themselves. If there weren’t bird poop on my car, I wouldn’t know they were there. Most of the winter, they’re pretty quiet, engaged in staying alive by eating anything and everything we put out for them: suet, seed and peanut butter. Come spring, the courtship is on, the feeder is less in demand, and we have to make sure we close the garage door and take down the seasonal wreath on our front door. If we don’t, dollars to donuts we’ll have nests in a week or so. One year sparrows Baby birds   nested in the wreath and took umbrage that we opened the door once the eggs were laid. When the babies had hatched, we posted large warning signs for delivery people not to come to the front door. Mama bird was not happy.

Second, the trees have a fuzzy, purplish- green hue to their branches. This is due to the leaf buds, what artists called it “impressionistic spring.” Probably because the impressionists did such a good job painting it. Believe it or not, I first heard this term when as a high school junior, I was being given a tour of the Middlebury campus by an art major. Some things just stick, even decades later. And no, I wasn’t accepted.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

crocusesThird, crocuses, undeterred by cold weather, bloom in my sort-of garden (more like a wild, whatever comes up, comes up, area) and the daffodils sprout. Right now, their yellow blooms are starting to unfold.The Flower: Daffodils

So having transmuted to a neural springtime, I can only wait for warmer weather and the opening of our pool. In the meantime, I’ll try not to dance naked on the grass.Shadow on the grass at a park of a young woman dancing



30 thoughts on “How Do You Know When It’s Spring?”

    1. Daffodils make me smile. There’s something about the color and the delicate shape. I used to buy large bouquets from a roadside place on the way to pick up my daughter from one activity or another. They brightened the whole house.

  1. Such a thoughtful, uplifting offering, Noelle, a pleasure to read and savour.
    and when you dance naked let’s hope we’ll have the opportunity of a posting!

    Big hugs


  2. Can’t see if the crocus popped up yet, because the front yard is still covered in snow, here in NE! Yikes! I’d even dance naked, if it warmed up the earth enough to bring on spring!! 🙂

    1. You know, I’d forgotten that! We are not hung up on grass – we let it grow and mow it but never water – it’s too much of an uphill battle to keep the grass green and it always comes back lush in the fall.

  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    At this time of the year in our part of the world we keep looking out for that first sign that spring is on its way. We have had a few false starts this year that has confused the wildlife but I saw our first swallow the other day.. they are coming back from Africa and soon will be tidying their old nests.. wonderful.. what do you look for.. pop over to Noelle Grangers post and let her know..

  4. Yes, well, I just wrote about spring arriving and it snowed a few hours later. First day of spring. 😉 Looks like I will have to wait a few weeks before I dance naked on the grass.

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