Time for the A-Z Blog Challenge Reveal!

This is my third year doing the A-Z Challenge. The first year I posted on odors, which is something every writer needs to think about. You can paint a picture of movement and taste and feel, but an odor can really cement a scene. Plus they are the oldest of all of our senses, evolutionarily speaking.

Last year I did something just for fun – Renaissance artists. I took two courses on these artists in college enjoyed them so much, I wanted to revisit the subject. It was a massive undertaking,and my posts were too long, I now realize. My apologies to all those who really tried to read them!

This year my subject is….wait for it….ta-dah………. Maine!

You know that my Rhe Brewster mysteries are set in Pequod, Maine, and I’ve just released my second book in the series, Death in a Dacron Sail. I’ve tried to pull places from Maine into both books and am doing the same with the third, which is underway.  So this year, I’ll take you on a tour of sites in Maine: old houses, ships, lighthouses and more- places that Rhe or Jack or Sam might visit. I hope you’ll like touring Maine with me!

PS And I’ll try to keep them short!



20 thoughts on “Time for the A-Z Blog Challenge Reveal!”

  1. I am so glad you mentioned the A-Z Blog Challenge! I had forgotten all about that. Maine is such an intriguing state that I know nothing about except maybe Lobster – looking forward to your posts

  2. Maine! Lovely! It often appears in novels … I forget which. Isn’t the Nantaucket Sound around about there? Good luck for A-Z. Came by you via Rosie..

  3. I personally think the advice on short is overdone. It depends on the writer (and how many people you want to attract!) I loved your posts last year, and although I didn’t read some of them due to time constraints, I could refer back to them later.

    But yes; short posts mean lots of bloghopping time. 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to this!


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