A-Z Challenge Day 1: A = Adams

Death in a Red Canvas ChairChallenge: Send me a picture of what you think Marsh Adams looks like!

Marsh Adams was originally an emergency room physician and has been a friend of Rhe Brewster’s for many years. Before the time of Death in a Red Canvas Chair, he’d decided to leave the ER for pathology, telling Rhe he had seen too much pain and suffering in the living and preferred the peace of the already dead. After some catch-up time reviewing pathology, he’d spent a year in the Maine Medical Examiner’s office, returning to Pequod with the title of Assistant to the State ME.

Marsh works out with weights almost every day and is built like a fireplug, of medium height, bulky with muscles, and sporting a crew cut. His gym is directly across the street from the Hole-in-One, a doughnut shop which makes the lemon-filled doughnuts to which he is addicted. He actually likes almost anything lemon, but by the time of Death by Pumpkin, he has discovered the benefits of chocolate.

Rhe visits Marsh after almost every shift when she is deep in a mystery, since he is usually responsible for the autopsy of any body, along with the help of his assistant. In Death in a Red Canvas Chair, his assistant is Oliver, who is revealed as inextricably wound into the mystery. By the time of Death in a Dacron Sail, he has hired a new assistant, Midori Ishikawa, who is gradually becoming an excellent forensic technologist.

In Death by Pumpkin, Marsh meets Belledonna Dzundic, a tall, imposing agent with the Maine Major Crimes unit, and it is love at first sight for both of them.



17 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge Day 1: A = Adams”

  1. Even having read (and enjoyed) Death in a Red Canvas Chair, I don’t have a strong mental image of Marsh. That’s not surprising, though – I am more than a little weak in that area.

    I shall look forward to the rest of the month, though, and shall be intrigued to see how others perceive your characters.

    Keith Channing at

  2. Great character description, and his relationship with Rhe is well shown. Also, I voted on your cover, but forgot to add my email. I voted for #2. 🙂
    Happy April and AZs. On we go.

  3. That’s an original theme! I don’t have a strong mental image of him either, I’m afraid. Looking forward to whoever else you choose, though!

  4. I’m still trying to catch up with your novels (they’re on my list) but now I’m even more intrigued… And love the title of the next one.

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