I’m Baaaack and in Purrfect Form!

It’s been a while since my human has let me take over her blog. She had an excellent opportunity when she was in Maine selling books and eating seafood (yes, she taunted me with that!) but somehow she felt I would have a hard time adjusting to having the daughter taking care of me. Little does she know, I got brushed every night and received lots of cuddles.

Anyway, I’m sitting at the computer this afternoon while she is out swimming. I have been my usual busyself – sleeping in the new round bed that showed up one day,


sunbathing on the porch,


sleeping on the sofa with ‘she who must not be named,’


sleeping out by the pool, sleeping on my favorite cushion in the living room,


playing with a sock,

and lying upside down on the family room rug to entice passersby to rub my tummy.


It’s no wonder I need to sleep!

bob catAmidst all this summer activity, I reminded my humans what a good watch cat I am. One early summer night, there was a commotion out on the back deck. It was just a big cat with large big ears playing through glass door with me, but it ran away when Noelle opened the door and talked to it. I heard my humans say it was a bob cat. A few days later, it came back very early, before the sun was up. (if you want to save our North American bob cats)

Apparently during its absence, it had decided it didn’t like me.  So it crashed into the glass door. Do you think it wanted to eat me?

I was very brave! I howled and hissed and screeched and yowled, which naturally woke everyone in the house.  And you know what? That big cat ran away and hasn’t been back since.

I was very proud, and my human told me many times how wonderful I’d been, so I just had to walk around with my fur all puffed out the entire day! I, Elijah Moon, had driven off that big cat.

fluffed up cat

I just wish my brother was alive to see it…Zeke was the hunter!



15 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack and in Purrfect Form!”

  1. Yes, you are definitely a very brave cat and your brother would have been very proud of you.
    Say hello to your human from me. All the best. Kris.

    P.S. … I have a cat called Dave. He says ‘paws up mate’.

    1. Terry says: Alright, Dave mate? Hope all good with you. We should invite Elijah Moon over for a bit of hunting. Or we can go and thieve the neighbour’s cat’s food. Paws up, mate!

        1. I am a very smart tuxedo cat with the loveliest white paws – I am so proud of them! My human is always ready for snuggles and she even lets me have little bits of steak and salmon if I am a good boy. Cream cheese! You lucky thing. I must speak to the human about THAT…

  2. My Elijah Moon, what a busy puss-puss you have been! So brave and fearsome – you only have to see the way you handle a sock to know what a fabulous beast you are. I am sending you a tummy rub, via Noelle. Take care, beautiful!

    1. I have a friend, much younger, who lives mostly out side. His name is Piggles and he and a local fox are good friends. Go figure. I would probably claw the fox!

  3. Hi Noelle — I love it when the pets commandeer the computer. I had a college friend whose dog wrote her every week, spying on her parents – and they were hilarious letters.

    Scared off a bobcat, huh? Fierce! Speaking of which, a couple of rather fierce hamsters seemed just a bit disgruntled with you on a recent post from a blog you follow too. Did the kitty do something to them to elicit such a reaction?

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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