New Followers Friday

Here are some more bloggers you might be interested in following!  Chin gum has a fantastic blog of pictures and art. Check out this post – it blew my mind! Anthony Angelov has a blog about food with recipes. I was drooling over this one. All you foodies out there, this is for you! Amy Chhabra has a blog about beauty, fashion, make-up, and nutrition. Amy is Interior Designer and Architectural Technologist by profession – I could have used her blog a lot earlier in my life!   Candace at Literary Dust is an avid book reader and reviews all the time. You might want to check in with her and see what she’s reading and what she recommends!   Drew Avera is an active duty Navy veteran and a sci-fi author. His new book Broken Worlds: Book One of The Alorian Wars, comes out in September and he reviews sci fi boos and movies. I know there are some sci-fi aficionados out there so check him out.

Tye Files at What a blog title! The author is a creative writer and I think you’ll like some of his postings!  The author of Unreally Written is a self-proclaimed mushy mom, with a little madness and a lot of musing. She writes, she reviews and she doesn’t believe in sitting around waiting for inspiration to hit – she thinks then you are a waiter, not a writer. Writing is her safe haven.

Jackie P at  Jackie is the author of the DeeDee Watson, PI, series. She lives in Canada now, but was raised in Wisconsin and Texas, and has been blogging for four years. Any mystery writers out there besides me?

Anu Joy    She reviews books, movies and TV shows and is a talented writer herself. You might want to see what she’s critically reviewed recently! Don’t you love the name of her blog?     This blog is a little different in that it provides insights about latest thinking and reflections of the author in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Investments, Insurance and Personal Finance.  How about that? You own personal financial advisor. The author, Anthony Misajon, has a broad experience in real estate and capital markets!  Check out the first post – a lovely canal photo!  If you like cats, this is the blog for you. Wonderful photos, which of course Elijah Moon just loved!   This blog just knocked my socks off. Written by a history student, it is a collection of well-researched essays such as the impact of warfare on Hellenistic culture. European witch hunts, division within black politics in the 1960s – just fascinating! I recommend it to any history buffs out there!

The Fashion and Fitness Craze  This blog covers things such as health and fitness and skin care. Recent posts include the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach, best natural cures for dandruff, and the best low calorie fruits for a diet.    Its author is Zoe, of course, who lives in England has a blog that is a mixture of reviews, thoughts, quotes and notes on authors. She does do book reviews! And reads amazing numbers of books…



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