I’m On Radio!

Today I had the honor of being interviewed by Annette Rochelle Aben on her blog talk radio program Tell Me A Story. She’s a fabulous host, and I had great fun (what author doesn’t like talking about themselves and their books?).

Here is the link if you want to listen in:

Author Noelle Granger on Tell Me a Story

Annette Rochelle AbenAnnette has a smooth radio voice and doesn’t miss a beat, picking up and expanding on important details. Quite a talent! She has her own blog, which I highly recommend you check out:

Thank you, Annette, for this opportunity!

21 thoughts on “I’m On Radio!”

  1. Thank you, Hugh. I jumped at the chance when the Story Reading Ape, our friend Chris, mentioned that Annette did this. Wasn’t sure what was involved but it was painless! How about you? Are you up for an interview?

    1. Annette did ask me during National Poetry Month but ,as I don’t really write poetry, I asked if she would consider me perhaps if there is ever a National Write a Short Story month. 😀 Must have been very nerve racking before going on air. I know I’d feel nervous.

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