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One of these days, I’ll catch up! In the meantime, here is another group of fascinating people:

Natalie West at  Knowledge for parents is basically a movement founded Ms. West to help parents take care of their new born in a better way. It is always a difficult time for folks when raising their kids, especially if they are working, and I know I will recommend this to my daughter when she decides to start a family. is written by an eighteen year old, who’s decided it’s high time she takes accountability for her incredibly non-productive writing style, and she is counting on her expected readership of zero fellow bloggers to keep her honest. Let’s prove her wrong, but hopefully still keep her honest, by visiting her blog.

J.C.Wolfe at the Wolf’s Writing Den is a fiction writer. Most of her writing is in the form of short stories and flash fiction of varying genres, with the occasional poem. Her real goal is to be a novelist, especially of science fiction/fantasy and romance novels. She has a Bachelor of Science and has done research in southern Brazil. is written by a 22 year old media student at Leeds Metropolitan University. She writes about issues that concern normal 22-year-olds, so maybe there are some 20-somethings out there who would like to follow her!

Rashmi at She is a young blogger and motivational writer for whom writing is a passion and hobby. From reading so many blogs and articles she was inspired create her own blog and to inspire people as well as increase their confidence level through her writings. She knows everybody has some problems in their lives, and she wants to help with solutions to those problems. You MUST visit this blog. The recipes had me salivating: French leek tart, slow cooker lasagna soup, chocolate peanut butter banana stuffed French toast. I’m hooked.

Mark Anthony Monzon at enjoys a hacking life while enjoying everything in between. He reviews food, music, movies, travel and leisure, tech stuff and social media and comments on work and life. This is a kaleidoscope of interesting information, sure to have something for everyone!  Elsie is a high school student who writes thoughtfully about school and her courses. I’m sure she’s appreciate a follow and I asked her if I could use some of her writing as information/inspiration for a character in my books!

Larissa N. Takahassi at  is a journalist born in Brazil. She is a lover of beauty, harmony, balance and symmetry and adores being surrounded by art, music and beautiful places. She writes absolutely stunning posts about nail art, beauty and fashion and also menswear! I know there are youngsters (and many others) out there who will find her blog fascinating and informative!  Mack began her blog in 2012 while going through college, and is now giving it a fresh start as she and her husband embark on a move across the country to California from the mid West. I remember a time when I was newly married and moving from Cleveland to California, so her story resonates. Her goal is to use her blog as an outlet to articulate the joys of life, record their adventures, and update friends and family along with the rest of us on their lives. She’s a nurse, likes chocolate and seafood, and is a runner. This is a gal worth following!

Nalini at  is a BSc Graduate with a passion for design. She loves to do creative work like making  earrings, pencil shading, sketching, frames using wool and newspaper.  Her ambition is to become a visual effect designer, and you need to see her blog because her graphic designs are mind-blowing. In addition, she is a physically challenged person with both upper limbs affected by polio, but you can see she is not challenged in any other way. (I had polio as a child and my heart goes out to her).  Do stop by her blog.



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  1. Thank you Noelle for including me in the list of fascinating people… all blogs are amazing and different from each other.. I want to say thanks to you on behalf of myself and all other fascinating bloggers who you have mentioned in your post..:)

      1. I also hope the same..:) the way you are helping new bloggers is amazing.. this kind of posts encourage us as well as increase our positiveness and dedication to our blogs..

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