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49266584_high-resolution-front-cover_6292375I am inordinately pleased with reviews of my third book, Death by Pumpkin, by two bloggers with who are great writers themselves and whose critiques I value.







The first is from Rachel Poli at  She’s a young teacher (early childhood education), a reader, and an animal lover. She posts music, short stories, movie reviews, guest posts, and writing tips — a real Renaissance woman. You can check out her review at

The second is from Kate Loveton. Kate’s blog,Odyssey of a Novice Writer (which she definitely isn’t!) ( has been silent for a while and I discovered she has become overwhelmed with her job and decided to let her blog sit until she retires next year. I am so looking forward to having her back, and judged by the comments when she posted her review, there are many others out there to welcome her back as well. Thus it is an honor that she posted a review for me on her blog:

Book Review: ‘Death by Pumpkin’ by N.A. Granger

We writers need reviews like a man dying of thirst needs water! So many thanks to Rachel and Kate.

And if by any chance there is anyone else out there who has read my book or who would like to, a thousand blessings on your heads if you will post an honest review!



15 thoughts on “Reviews of Death by Pumpkin”

  1. I loved the review by Kate ~ it was nice to read her again, and then her excitement for your book. That was pretty cool. Wishing the best for this new literary piece of art of yours 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jemima dear. I am getting good reviews, just not enough of them on Amazon – you know how Amazon counts reviews! Hope you enjoy it! Hugs to your furries.

  2. Hello! I am new to the blogging scene and I have just started my first film review blog. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to check it out because you clearly know what you’re doing! Thank you.

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