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This is in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt for this week:

Sister Alys had been kneeling on the stone floor of the church for hours, at one point prostrating herself on the floor. She prayed for salvation, knowing nothing would save her in this world.

She had joined the convent when it became apparent that no man would have her as wife, and her family could no longer provide food for all the mouths around the table. Surprisingly, she had come to love her life as a nun. Her job was to work in the fields, something she had done since she was toddler, following behind her mother, father or one of her older siblings.

Even as a nun, the changing seasons, the wildlife, and the sun or rain on her face gave her the same sense of contentment she’d had as a child. Rising to pray at matins and prime was a welcome routine, and her fellow nuns were her family.

The sun was shining brightly through the windows when she finally stood. Then she heard the clanking of armor, the thudding of hooves, and the imperious voice. “All of you, come out.”

Sister Alys straightened her shoulders and walked to the door and her fate.



26 thoughts on “Thursday photo prompt from Sue Vincent”

      1. I am not sure, it is an irrational fear that I have had for as long as I can remember. My mum doesn’t know know where it came from, only that I have always been terrified of nuns. Isn’t it odd? Even reading about them made me feel a bit woozy!

    1. I was actually thinking more of Henry VIII’s destruction of religious houses when he created the Church of England. Treatment of the nuns and priests was rather brutal.

    1. Thanks, Diana. I’ve been reading recently about the barbarism that occurred when Henry VIII took over the churches in England. Somehow this photo spoke to me of that.

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    1. Thanks, Sarah. I don’t write something to every one of Sue’s posts, but to the ones that inspire me. I probably should see what I can do with ones that don’t?

    1. What happened to them wasn’t good, Charlotte. King Henry’s soldiers, given orders by Cromwell, did what soldiers in those days did – rape, pillage and murder. Destruction of archeologically important abbeys, monasteries, and churches. Such a waste.

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