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My list is long, have patience! is the blog of Jeff Chamberlain, who likes to help others through community work, blog on different topics (mainly on You Tube!), and is into coffee and energy drinks (coffee, yum). In one post on You Tube entitled ‘he is cold in these bushes,’ he talks to a homeless man who lives outside in the bushes. Wow. is the blog of Apata Olusola Emmanuel, a Christian, a creative writer and blogger, a copywriter (freelancer), who loves writing about anything he sees adding value to life and destiny. His pastime includes reading, studying, searching and researching. has had a tough time, living with anxiety and panic attacks. She has two daughters who give her reason to keep going and her message is stay strong, stay brave, keep trying and never give up. You might want to stop by and offer her some encouragement and support.

Sam Burgess at  is the drawing writer who creates  short stories, long stories, poems, drawings, comic stories, and photography. And he illustrates! He is just starting out, so give his blog a look!

Prateek at is seventeen and a student in Delhi, India, who has just completed school and at the start of his blog was preparing for the SAT. Hs name means ‘symbol,’ and he wants to be a symbol for inspiration and motivation. He likes to travel and admires Bear Grylls and likes sports. Drop by and give him encouragement! Trisha Ann is 24 years old, a stay at home Mom with three girls, a reader, a writer, a lover of yoga and the outdoors. She reviews books and is currently deeply into NaNoWriMo!  Vivian Parkin Derosa blogs at Writing with Style on writing, fashion, and literary life. She is a teenager who has finished her first book, writing literary fiction that has adult main characters. She also likes writing short stories, blog posts, poetry, and performing spoken word.

Kourtney at  klbradleyreviews  is a 23-year- old mother and a full-time accounting manager for a real estate/trucking company. She’s also a part time book reviewer for, so you’ll see most of her reviews on her blog. She sounds like someone we authors should get to know! I found her on Goodreads and hope to get a blog site soon.

Bryde Enoh at was born in 1997 in Cameroon. He is a college student whose main aim is to bring information to people and you will find his blog wonderfully eclectic and interesting. is a collection of amateur and professional photographs featuring curvy women of many shapes and sizes modeling an assortment of clothing fashion; makeup and hair styles. I would call this just short of X-rated, though.

Marjo Dice Degoro blogs at about mountaineering, camping, backpacking, people and their stories, food, prose and poetry– it’s his journal and he welcomes you to join him.

Purva at A Daily Stroll ( is a university student pursuing a degree in English literature. Her interests range from dramatics to dance to debate. She blogs because she likes writing and sharing her thoughts.



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