How Was Your Thanksgiving Holiday (with apologies to my friends abroad!)?

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Ours was busy – a sumptuous meal with ten dishes (just ask if you are curious) and friends and family. And help cleaning up! On Friday, a beautiful fall day with a temperature around 70o, we headed off to the huge Duke-University of North Carolina football game.

Here is the Marching Tar Heel Band coming out onto the field before the game, then spelling out the words “Tar Heel” facing the far stands.




At the end of the first quarter I could feel a migraine headache coming on, so I hiked back to our car (a good mile uphill) to take a nap, leaving Hubs and my daughter and son-in-law to enjoy the loss 🙁 ! On the way I spotted some really nice fall color


And then had a lovely nap in the car with the windows down, a light cool breeze, and the patter of leaves falling on the roof.

Yesterday we drove to Winston-Salem to see my brother perform (first tenor) with the Winston-Salem Symphony Chorale, the Winston-Salem symphony (a really top notch group) and the Crique de la Symphony in a Christmas concert.

The Winston-Salem Symphony Chorale consists of nearly 120 auditioned volunteer singers, and performs with the Symphony  large choral masterpieces including Haydn’s Creation, Orff’s Carmina Burana, and the Requiem masses of Mozart, Brahms, and Verdi, and smaller-scale works such as Bach’s St. John Passion and an annual production of Handel’s Messiah.


Cirque de la Symphonie is a new production, adaptation of artistic performances to symphony music featuring veterans of exceptional cirque programs throughout the world—aerial flyers, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, jugglers, etc. Each artist’s performance is professionally choreographed in collaboration with the symphony director.cirque3


It was a spectacular concert with lots of Christmas music, astonishing choreographied acrobatics, a carol singalong, and a guest vocalist – Jodi Burns – a soprano classically trained at UNC. Her rendition of Oh Holy NIght gave us goosebumps.


Hope your holiday was as lovely as ours. And for those of you wondering if my Christmas camellias are blooming – they’ve started:




27 thoughts on “How Was Your Thanksgiving Holiday (with apologies to my friends abroad!)?”

  1. Oh gosh Noelle, migraines are the worst. I suffer them from time to time, but most are food allergy related along with stress, so I try to mitigate that. I’m glad you got to enjoy the rest of the time! xo

  2. Sounds like lots of fun. I’m totally impressed that you could take care of your migraine by slipping out to take a nap in the car. I probably would have tried to tough it out (though it never works) and would have been miserable company!

    1. Yes… thanks for the reminder 😉 !!! No really – I need to get on the horse and organize our Christmas cards and get presents ordered. I never go near a shopping mall – I do everything on line now. It keeps me from overspending. How are your plans coming along?

    1. Hugs back to you, Teagan. I used to have migraines at least once a week, terrible pain. They’ve been largely absent since I got my blood pressure under control. Now it seems that stress and really loud noise bring them on, but I can usually blunt them by taking a nap!

        1. We tried to be vegetarian when we lived in California, where the veggies were plentiful, cheap and varied. Last about a month, then had to have some meat. We do eat a lot of fish and the amount of meat we eat is much less than it was, but I think I’m too old to change! You are living a much healthier life!

          1. When I stopped meat I craved it. But it’s been so long now that the thought of it makes me sick. The body adapts.

            And I can’t help but note that we have plenty of people in their 90’s who spent most of their lives smoking and eating what they pleased. 🙂

  3. Not 90 yet but I hope I’ll get there someday. No smoking ever (parents enforced that) and my Mom was an advocate of fresh veggies. But I was a free range kid – no TV, no cell phones, no computer (before my time, TV only when I was 12 or so). I played anywhere within a three mile radius of home with like-minded kids. I was indeed lucky!

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