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Shreya at – The Mysterious Soul – blogs thoughts, poetry, short stories and memes. This blog is very entertaining! I learned a new word – abibiloiphobia – the fear of running out of reading material – something all of us could get.

The gravatar Wallopex is the author of ttps:// I found him! He ( or she?) blogs about politics, how the brain works (wish it did for politicians!), Beyonce and JZ, and current events. is the blog of 20-year-old Michaela Desiree Knight. She was married two years ago and moved to northern Carolina with her husband. She loves fashion, yoga, exploring and cats! Michaela is a gorgeous young woman who blogs about fashion and models the clothes!  She has a great sense of high style.

toreducate  is someone from Nigeria.  Wish I could find them!

Zortura at has a blog with information on lifestyle, entertainment, book reviews, motivational write-ups, stories on life experiences, fitness and exercise, diets and more. A recent post was on What’s Your Elf Name. According to my real name and birth month, mine is Buddy Sugar Socks!

Adrienne at is a mother of two, newly diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. This disease is inherited disease and causes the progressive breakdown (degeneration) of nerve cells in the brain, impacting movement and cognitive functions. Most people with Huntington’s disease develop signs and symptoms in their 30s or 40s. Adrienne has no intention of allowing her diagnosis to define her or change her dreams. This is a woman of great courage, and I strong recommend that you visit her blog which talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of living with this disease, and give her your support.

Patricia Perol  at is a Phillipino blogger. I can’t read her language but Google will translate for you! One of her latest posts is on bullying and is a good one.

Jerlyn at blogs about food in her corner of the world (India, Turkey), reviewing restaurants complete with mouth-watering photos of the food. I dare you to visit her blog without salivating.

rainerwolan – This is just a gravatar and I couldn’t locate the owner’s blog. If you are Rainer Wolan, let me know!

isabellathefifth – is another gravatar and  whose blog I couldn’t locate. If you are Isabella the Fifth, let me know!

The author of is another novice blogger, who writes about her life, illustrated with beautiful photographs.  I hope my introduction will give her some new followers.

Yusra, the author of, is a 19 year old medical student who just began her blog last month. She sounds like a typical 19 year old with interests in selfies, clothes and makeup, but clearly with a serious bent if she’s in medical school. Other YAs out there interested?



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