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Sally Cronin at recently put up a post asking about bucket lists. I’ve had one since I retired. I don’t think of a bucket list as something to do before dying, but something about living and having fun doing it. For that reason, I’ve been expanding mine, so let me know what you think.

  1. Write and publish a book. I did that and am now on my fourth book. (Hint: it’s called Death in a Mudflat and will be out in early 2018)
  2. Go skydiving. I’ve done that, too. Here’s the link to my post on that adventure! I might have to do it again. The adrenalin rush was unbelievable and left me feeling on top of the world for several days.
    The parachute opens and we are pulled up

    Visible from the ground
  3. 3. Shark dive in a cage off the Fallaron Islands near San Francisco. I can combine 3 and 4 that way. These dives specialize in Great Whites which like that area.
  4. Zip line. I’ve never tried it but everyone says it’s exhilarating. I just have to find a nice long one. Any suggestions?
  5. Another ride in a hot air balloon. I took one with my family over the Masai Mara in Kenya during the annual animal migration many years ago, and it was quite spectacular — especially when the heater was turned off and all you could hear was the swish, swish of the gnus pushing their way through the grass.
    Finish the historical novel I’ve begun, called The Oldest Pilgrim. It will detail the life of Mary Allerton Cushman, the oldest survivor of the Mayflower journey to Plymouth. This is a hard write, with tons of research, and I get distracted with ideas for more adventures of Rhe Brewster.
  6. Become a grandmother (not up to me, however)!
  7. Do more traveling. Next June we will be exploring Iceland, but Ireland, Greece, Tuscany, and Russia are on this list. If it weren’t such an arduous trip to Asia, I’d have China and India in there, too.This is Iceland from Trip Advisor.
    Iceland: View of Hvalfjordur
  8. Learn a language enough to be fluent. Maybe Spanish, since I took that in high school and college and if I’m lucky, something will come back to me!

    What do you think? Am I nuts?



53 thoughts on “My Bucket List”

  1. I think you’re definitely nuts, Noelle. It’s wonderful! The nuttier the better! Iceland and Greenland would be my dream places to visit. I am so looking forward to the Mary Allerton Cushman book! You’ve (almost) inspired me to discover my own bucket list. Yes! I think I will!

  2. Diane Clavareau-Vandenberghe

    Interesting and reckless bucklist! Not nuts! Mine is more down on the ground, but traveling is in it. Many trips including Serbia, St Petersburg, Norway , Berlin, Madeira, back to Scotland and Ireland, Greece, Sicily, France where my sons live, Germany where I have many friends. Drawing lessons, writing but not a book, just something to leave for the children and grandchildren, painting, walking, meeting everyday or extra-ordinary people… Enough! I am 80 and I do not know if 20 years left will be long enough…

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Diane. I am 73, but still feel pretty energetic. I just need more time to get things done, and when we travel, we do not go, go, go, but take time to savor more limited excursions. Hubs and I both love Germany – did not expect to, but my son was stationed there for three years and we got to see it through his eyes.

  3. I really enjoy seeing other people’s bucket lists. Yours is a great one! I’m not sure I’d want to do the shark cage thing, but some of the other items, like zip lining and hot air ballooning, sound like a lot of fun.

  4. Nuts? I imagine most would say no, but you’ll not catch me zip lining or sky diving! Give me good old terra firma, even if the earth does move under my feet now and again here in California 🙂 Regardless, I say go for it, girlfriend. If you’re like me, you want to leave this Earth with no regrets ♥

  5. Not nuts at all! I’ve done the skydiving thing (I jumped on my own for 10 years) however, I’ve always wanted to zip-line and ride in a hot air balloon. The number one thing on my bucket list is to travel to New Zealand and see the fjords!

    1. I’ve always wanted to see New Zealand – wish it weren’t such a long, long trip from North Carolina. I’m getting to an age where those long flights are not good for me!

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      1. We are still in the planning stages. We are hoping to do a river cruise (Vienna to Dubrovnik if I get my way), visit Switzerland and Germany and visit Iceland, Greenland and possibly Scandinavia. I doubt we will go in the height of summer because of the crowds and the cost so it will probably be a little later in the year. It would be lovely though – it it corresponds I will let you know.

  7. No your not nuts !!!You are an amazing adventurous person going by the things on your bucket list … Wish you lots of luck in completing it and hoping to read posts about each completed one … Do visit India .. It’s a fascinating place where everyday is a new adventure

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I hope I can persuade my husband to take me to San Francisco sometime in 2018 – he is NOT getting in a shark cage, however!

  8. What an adventurous list, Noelle! I think you should take up a language, why not Spanish. It’s excellent for mental agility. And then come and visit me in Spain!😍

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