October new followers — check them out!

This is one eclectic group. There’s someone and something for everybody here!

Daniela Goja or @DG at writes and models fashion, lifestyle, and beauty against magnificent Italian backdrops. Check out her blog!

Nitin at writes free form poetry and wonderful sonnets!

Richard Klu from western Michigan at  He’s had a variety of jobs, currently owns his own business, and on his blog he shares stories and what he’s learned to better help other writers and to keep himself motivated. He primarily writes cosmic horror, similar to the style of HP Lovecraft.

Nevada is young and home-schooled and blogs at  She writes about Vikings and Saxons and knights and medieval history – guess what she likes! She even wrote a letter to Suetonius about Boudicca, the Warrior Queen. What a great imagination! is a really unique site where screenwriters can send in their features, TV or short screenplays for animation and get them performed at a writing festival or read in a video by professional actors, for a really minimal fee ($35 was what I saw). You also get full feedback from professionals. Makes me want to do a screenplay. is a website is to help people get the best products out there from all other trash products. The authors will you find out the best and the newest trends in clothes, electronics and shoes. Did I mention this site is for men?

Melanie Noell Bernard at She almost has my name! Melanie is a graduate student and an aspiring novelist from Michigan, who writes young adult science fiction novels and horror short stories. She does book reviews and book discussions but also writes about FOOD.

Teodora Manić is 17 years old and blogs at She writes inspirational posts and short messages and has a ton of followers!

Felicity at blogs about food (with recipes), travel and her own adventures. The food makes you want to eat the page!

C.E. Hall at is a freelance content writer. She blogs about family, women and children, and issues of interest to everyone.

Be Blogger at  is a pro-freelance writer and blogger with a passion to create original content, who develops web content and writes for online and offline magazines. His is a family, life, and self-improvement blog, where he exchanges thoughts and views with his readers on issues related to life’s problems and jubilation.

And last: who writes about picking up after a divorce, bumps in the road and being a perfect and imperfect single mother.



4 thoughts on “October new followers — check them out!”

  1. Wow! What a great group! Hello to all you wonderful people. I’m a flight attendant writing a book about my escapades on the job. I’ll let you know soon when it’s coming out.

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