Greetings from Garfield

Garfield here. This is my first post. I’ve been watching my two-legged type on this thing – actually I like to sit on it while she tries to work around my glorious orange fluff.

I had a tough day last week. There I was, sitting calmly on the floor when she swooped me up and put me in a box with a door with bars. Honestly, she could have warned me. Then she took me out the door into a really dark, cold morning. I’d been looking forward to getting a breakfast treat and instead I got that!

After a while of bumping around going somewhere, we ended up at a place called ‘The Vet’s,’ where I met Dr. Anderson. I was treated with indignity when they weighed me and retreated into the box when I was brought back. Dr. A. pulled me out and proceeded to feel me all over – actually that was quite nice and I purred for her. She inspected my teeth and gave me a pill for my runny nose and something cold in my eye, which was also running. Then I came back to what my two-legged likes to call ‘home.’

I do like it here. I get treats and tons of petting, so much nicer than the shelter, and I have a cat tree and a post where I can exercise my claws. I like to look out the window from the top of the tree and I especially like to chase yarn. What I don’t like is getting pills, at least until they were broken up and put in some salmon. I don’t know why that stopped this week.

At any rate, I’ll let you know what’s happening from time to time. This week, they took down the barriers to the rest of the house and I had fun exploring and running as fast as I could from one end of the house to the other. I can skid into the family room, turn around and slide to the other end of the hallway. Why does my two-legged laugh?



37 thoughts on “Greetings from Garfield”

  1. Woo hoo, Garfield. Isn’t blogging the BEST? btw- this is Tink – Mom’s favorite Guest Blogger. (Mom doesn’t know how to get me my own gravitar.)

    Sorry about your time in that bouncing box, but I’ll bet you feel better after visiting your vet. I love mine. She even has free treats right there on the counter where Mom writes on that little piece of paper she gives them every time we go there.

    Welcome to the 4-legses blogging community.
    Woof! TINK

    1. Hi Tink! I gather from the woof! that you are dog. That’s OK, I got used to dogs at the shelter. I liked that box she put me in so much , I now sleep in it. Hope to find a post from you soon!

      1. Yep – I’m a Shih Tzu. I have all kinds of animal blog-buddies – including a pig an a parrot. I sleep in some of my carriers too – but they are the soft-sided kind. Cozy, huh?

        Mom just added my LinkList to her topside menu “TinkerToy Talks” – and she promises to add my new articles to that list as I blog.

        Thanks for saying you wanna’ post from me soon! I’m gonna’ show Mom that there are 4-legses that want her to let me blog more often. She tends to be a computer hog.
        Woof! TINK

  2. I’m another two-legged, Garfield, but I have my own (black) ball of fluff. You may have inspired her to write a post of her own. For the record she’s not very thrilled about any trip to “the vet’s” either, but she does enjoy her treats and her cat tree 🙂

      1. Oh, how pretty we’d be! My favorite treats are Fancy Feast salmon, tuna and chicken packets but mom gives me Greenies too. They’re okay. She says they’re good for my teeth 🙂

  3. Diane Clavareau-Vandenberghe

    Enjoyed reading this. Never had a “fluff”, but barking and growling dogs until Xmas 2015. My last one died on Christmas day and as I am 80… and love traveling, I took the decision not to replace my “Zorro”, the very special black Belgian shepherd. I miss him and miss the company of my “fourfooters”. Sometimes I am just thinking that I hear Zorro and that it is time to make him go out into the garden, for his last inspection of the trees and bushes… before going to sleep.

    1. That’s so sad. I am sorry for your loss and I know how much you miss him. I swore I heard Elijah Moon in my room and felt him on my bed after he died. Garfield keeps me company but will never replace Elijah or our dog Angel, who died a month before. They were my constant companions, so the house was too empty for me. Have you thought about a cat? My Mom had a cat until she was into her 90s. They are easy to care for and are great companions.

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